Wednesday's Update - November 23

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Wednesday's Update - November 23
Wed, 11-23-2011 - 6:46pm

In the Chancellor living room, Delia asks her daddy where he's been. He says he was far away and wanted to get back to her every day. Victor leaves. Jill and Billy share a warm moment before they all go to eat dinner. Afterward, Delia wants to stay with Billy, but he says she needs her rest and he's not going anywhere. Chloe whispers to Billy that Kevin told her, so they'll talk later. Katherine says now that Delia's out of earshot, Billy should tell all. Jill says he was framed for drugs in Myanmar. Kevin says he's never seen Delia happier. Billy apologizes for messing up and leaves with Vikki. At the door, Kevin says Chloe may come around where Billy's concerned, but likely not Victor. Vikki can relate. She tells Billy she's going to see Victor and will see him at the house. Kevin goes and tells Chloe to let her feelings about Billy go - no more drama.

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