Wednesday's Update - November 30

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Wednesday's Update - November 30
Wed, 11-30-2011 - 5:59pm

Kevin and Eden greet Michael at Crimson Lights. Michael and Kevin bicker about Michael working for Victor. Daniel arrives and they all discuss their Thanksgiving dinners. Eden laughs at Daniel having tofurkey with his father and offers to take him for a burger later. He happily accepts. On the patio, Devon tells Abby over the phone that he has sound equipment coming, nowhere to put it, and no way to pay back Katherine. Harmony enters and he hangs up. Devon reminds his mother she's not a part of his life. After, Abby contacts Devon on the laptop and says she wants to be his music angel - he can make them both rich. Eden and Daniel listen as he agrees. Daniel tells him he knows a place he can put his equipment.

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