Wednesday's Update - September 19

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Wednesday's Update - September 19
Wed, 09-19-2012 - 4:56pm

At Crimson Lights, Billy tells Vikki his producer just gave him trouble because Restless Style TV's not popping in the ratings. Vikki asks him to talk them into doing an expose on Sharon. He agrees to work on it. Nick appears and says the stock's still dropping. They talk about Jack and Tucker cashing in. Vikki says Tucker may not be reporting his purchases. Nick gets a call - Sharon wants them in her office. At the bar in L.A., Genevieve tells Sister Celeste she hasn't heard from Christian. Tucker calls and tells her the stock is bottoming out, it shouldn't be much longer. She hangs up. Sister Celeste tells Gen that Christian left to keep her from being bothered. Gen assures her he can look after himself. Billy calls, and Gen tells him Victor left last night and still doesn't know who he is. Billy's upset. She tells Billy if he's upset to end it by telling what he knows.

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