TV: Renewed/Cancelled—yay or nay?

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TV: Renewed/Cancelled—yay or nay?
Mon, 05-20-2013 - 4:28pm

TVLine's official list. Anything cancelled you're sorry to see go? What are you happy that got picked up? Any shockers?

I'm sad about Go On. Really liked that show. My husband is sad about Vegas. (I stopped watching.)

Yay on Tim Allen and Last Man Standing. Another iffy I'm glad about is The Neighbors. 

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Tue, 05-21-2013 - 12:48pm

Sad about CSI: NY and Body of Proof :(  They've barely showed either this season, so aggravating when they don't even give the shows a shot or put them on a decent night. There are a lot of my faves that were renewed, but they were no brainers like Castle and Elementary.  Go On was good and so was Guys With Kids. 

I was glad to see Hart of Dixie and Carrie Diaries renewed, I wasn't sure either would survive.