Any Dawson's Creek series finale updates

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Any Dawson's Creek series finale updates
Thu, 05-15-2003 - 11:47am
I can't find any good ones. Just that Jen dies and pretty generic statements. I'd love some more details! Thanks.


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Thu, 05-15-2003 - 12:00pm

Ohhhh last nights show was so sad! I loved every minute of it, but watching Jen die was very sad & I bawled LOL. Ok, so here is the scoop ~

Everyone meets up for Dawson's mom's wedding when Jen didn't seem to be feeling well. She told no one that she had a cronic heart condition. Not even Kerr (her best friend knew). During the wedding reception she was dancing with Dawson & Pacey when she colapsed. From there the writers spent an awful lot of time showing her in the hospital, dying. Her friends came & went as they found out she would die & they slowly ended it with her passing. So sad! I wish the writers would have showed more of the other characters & happy times because it was very depressing.

Kerr & his boyfriend (Pacey's brother) vowed to take care of Jen's daughter Amy since she passed away... Joey made her final decison in the love triangle :) I'm happy with her decison :) The way the writers ended it was VERY sweet & IMHO awesome. Through out the entire show they'd show Joey with Dawson talking & Joey with Pacey talking, but never led on to which she would choose. They kept the suspence until the very end.