Anyone watch Lost last Wednesday (5/4)?

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Anyone watch Lost last Wednesday (5/4)?
Mon, 05-09-2005 - 9:23pm

I just watched it last night (yes, I'm a little behind).

Not too much to talk about but, what a great episode!

I'm so happy to know ABC renewed LOST - because I desperately want to know about the character's pasts.

I think the next few weeks should be very interesting!

Anyone else watch? Your thoughts? Any "secrets" that I might have missed?

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Mon, 05-09-2005 - 11:49pm

I LOVE Lost. I think it's my favorite show on tv right now. DH isn't allowed to talk to me while it's on.

There's a huge Lost message board on ezboard with all kinds of theories and people hashing out every single minute of the episodes. I don't post over there but I do read messages and have found out some interesting little things that I've missed in episodes by reading messages from people who are much more observant than I am!!

It's going to be a long summer without it!! (Good thing Big Brother is coming on to occupy my time. ;-) )