CBS cancels

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CBS cancels
Wed, 05-18-2005 - 11:25am

Judging Amy & Joan of Arcadia. I never watched JoA, but I was a HUGE Amy fan, and I am SO sad that they cancelled it. I LOVED my Tuesday night CBS fix--Amazing Race followed by Judging Amy. And the fact that they just left us hanging was really annoying.

Leigh Anne

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Wed, 05-18-2005 - 1:54pm

I'm going to miss Judging Amy! I loved this show. Usually there's at least one character that I don't care about, but on this show I loved them all. I wonder if they suspected ahead of time they were being dropped. There sure was a lot of stuff wrapped up toward the end:killed off Gracaela (sp?), the brother and wife back together,Mom and her guy together,Amy's clerk quitting,Amy quitting etc. Curious I think. I feel like a lot was left hanging too. Guess we'll have to write the rest of the story ourselves!

I think Amy ran for the senate and won. Her Mom quit DCFS, married Cheech and they opened a foster home. Any more ideas? LOL