Christine!!!! Criminal Minds info

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Christine!!!! Criminal Minds info
Wed, 05-28-2008 - 6:14am

Here's the first news bit I've seen:

Question: After seeing that explosive finale for Criminal Minds, I have to ask: Is someone leaving the show?— Carly

Ausiello: I'm guessing not. When asked who got blown up in the episodes final seconds, exec producer Ed Bernero said in this week's issue of TV Guide, "The person who's injured is the right person to have been injured, and it will all make sense when you see the rest of this story." Notice how he said injured and not killed? Notice also how I repurposed a fairly innocuous quote from the magazine to distract you from the fact that I really don't have an answer to your question? I'm sneaky like that.


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Wed, 05-28-2008 - 8:18am

OMG....that is good news!! I was trying to find out 'who' was leaving! but nothing!

Ok... injured who could it be, maybe AJ as she is pg, this way she can be 'off' for a while or something! they just let it out that she is pg on the show but she is 'very close' to having the baby! they hid it well with clothes and files! LOL!

I know I was upset that gidden left the way he did, just walked off into the wilds! LOL! that wasn't good! but it would be easy for him to come back.

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Thu, 05-29-2008 - 9:02am
Thanks Mia!