Daisies, Eli, Dirty Sexy -- all are ....

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Daisies, Eli, Dirty Sexy -- all are ....
Fri, 11-21-2008 - 12:15pm

from the don't shoot the messenger category:

ABC, 1-2-3: Dirty Sexy, Daisies and Eli All Goners


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Fri, 11-21-2008 - 1:00pm


Off to cry in a dark corner somewhere

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Fri, 11-21-2008 - 1:28pm
Never watched Eli Stone, so I can't comment on that one.
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Fri, 11-21-2008 - 4:07pm

I love Eli Stone it had lots of ways move the story!

I alos loved DSM...it to had lots of way to move the story!

Makes me sad!! they 'just' end it with out letting it runs it course some for us!

boo hoo!!


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Sun, 11-23-2008 - 1:58am

Well I can do without Dasies. Ned is cute but other than that I stopped tuning in.

I am sad about the other 2. I wanted to work on DSM and now it looks like I won't get to.