DH - 11/09 epi talk

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DH - 11/09 epi talk
Mon, 11-10-2008 - 9:05am

OMG way to go Lynette. kick some butt! I would've done the same thing as well! and when she said she "loved him" OMG...kick her again Lynette. LOL! PLUS who thinks the PG thing is fake?? if they were using comdons then why worry about it...it could be her DH's as well! and next week the DH walks in on them! YEAH! a fight is going to happen!

And that older lady wanting to take over Gabby and Carlos like that. I knew she was going to get him fired or something. But come Gabby you were all over it! and why wouldn't you "invite" her to sit and watch the show with them like that. but I agree the 'grandma' thing was WAY TO MUCH. I agree with Gabby it was TO FAST and creepy! LOL!

and OMG Kathryn and Mike getting it on!! OMG...that was fast! LOL! What did ya think of Bree's comment..."that a GF doesn't do that with a GF's ex"??? is that true...Would you do it with a GF's Ex?? even tho the GF has moved on and has a new bg??

I still love the the McCloskey sisters....go get him Karen! LOL! I guess next week it all comes to ahead...it looks like Mike, carlos are out in the fire. sooo who was his target??

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Wed, 11-12-2008 - 6:59pm

Finally got to watch it.