ER...I am starting to NOT like Abby

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ER...I am starting to NOT like Abby
Fri, 04-25-2003 - 2:45pm
OK, what Carter and Kovak see in her is beyond me. From day one, everything in her life is about HER. I cannot believe she left Carter to go get her brother, that she didn't even have a gaurantee was going to be where he said.

I guess it bothered me because I lost my mom suddenly, and the night she died, my sister picked me up from work, so my car was left there. We were all at my dad's and then someone brought me home. I was single at the time. I was left at my apartment with no car, and it was so late at night, I had nobody to call. So, I kind of relived that feeling watching Carter last night sit with his grandmother all alone. I don't like Abby anymore.

I know these are characters in a TV show...but these shows can really stir emotions in me.

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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 6:58pm
I still really like Abby also. I think her and Carter need each other and I like them together, I just wish the writers would let them focus a little more on their relationship for a show or two. I just read the last 2 episodes of the season Carter and Luka travel to Africa in the middle of some dangerous territory, so maybe that's why Abby was hugging Luka, to wish him luck.
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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 4:07pm
Sorry, I still like Abby. All of her life she's looked after her brother and for her NOT to go to him would have seemed wrong to me. He'd been missing for quite awhile, he was off his meds, and I can see her need to go to him. I give her credit for NOT asking Carter to go with her. And I don't think he's been particularly there for her lately. Ever since the night he didn't propose to her I've wondered what's going to happen to the two of them. I "thought" I saw in the previews she and Luka hugging, but I could have been imagining it.
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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 3:53pm
I was thinking that she could find her brother the next day or find some comfort in the fact that she knew he was alive. But at the same time (I'm bipolar so this hits *me* close to home) she knew he was off his meds, he was reaching out (he called her twice), and she is the only one in the family that's "sane" - she's the caretaker of the family. If she went to be w/ Carter, who would take care of her brother? I think overall it was a really tough decision to make.

I did feel really bad for Carter though b/c he doesn't reach out like that. he just takes care of himself w/out really needing anyone (but not in a better than you way). And here he was reaching out - needing that support from Abby and she couldn't give it to him right then. I know he was mad and hurt and I'm hoping he'll get over it enough to see that it was just a bad night for both of them. She couldn't get mad at him for going to take care of arrangements for his grandma and she needed to be there for her brother. Whether she likes being the caretaker - the glue for the family - the adult - etc - the fact is, no one else will do it. I mean, she could have been a real jerk about it and felt like gee, his grandma is gone, it's not like she's alive and waiting for John to get there to help her. Like John said "she'd still be dead tomorrow". But she didn't get mad knowing that she couldn't count on John to help her w/ her family. It was just a tough night for both and neither one could be there for the other and hopefully John will see that just b/c Abby chose her brother over helping him, it doesn't mean she's selfish. I think Abby is quite selfless actually b/c she's always taking care of her family and putting her own (emotional) needs last. (which is why she turns to drinking I think)


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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 3:52pm
I know that show stirs up emotions for me too! For awhile I had to tape and watch earlier in the night b/c I was having trouble sleeping after it was over. I like following Abby's character. I feel bad for Carter (hottie that he is) he needs someone less complicated and troubled. She has too much going on and is a bit self absorbed. Although going to get the brother I understood. She just should have contemplated her desicion a bit longer. I mean he is mentally ill and she had no idea what kind of trouble he was in. John's grandmother's death wasn't tragic just sudden. I felt so sorry for him though. He is always there to comfort Abby and she just isn't there for him. They need to introduce a new hottie doctor for him or maybe a model or socialite - that would send Abby reeling. That's just MHO.