Friday Night Lights 2/28

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Friday Night Lights 2/28
Thu, 03-01-2007 - 12:50pm

I so love this show. I was starting to almost like Buddy Gerrity until last night. What an idiot the man is. I couldn't believe first of all that he'd ask to stay with the Taylors instead of just going to a hotel, and then to find out where they were going for dinner by using the tip he'd seen on some show. Geesh!

Every time Tami Taylor opens her mouth I love her more. I sure wish I could think of things to say like that to my dh and kids. :-)

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Sat, 03-03-2007 - 12:44am

Sorry it took me so long to comment!

Buddy. Buddy. Buddy. What were you thinking? Good grief. And to go to the Taylor's house instead of going to a hotel? Yeesh.

I know it's not likely that Coach will take the new job because.. if he did, where would that leave the show? But, I do think they'll stretch that out for a few episodes.

I wish I could be as understanding, kind and thoughtful as Tami Taylor is. I wish she was MY mom! LOL! I strive to be more like her - even if she is a character on a tv show.

So, Smash's girlfriend stop taking her mood pills and is then found crying on the kitchen floor. I hope she'll do what it takes to get herself back on track. She's totally different without them.

I see a new romance for Riggins... the neighbor kid was funny.

Lyla and Jason... I just don't know that I see these two lasting. He's off doing his thing and she's still in Dillon being a high school cheerleader.

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