Grey's 5/13/10

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Grey's 5/13/10
Fri, 05-14-2010 - 9:26am

Who watched?

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Fri, 05-14-2010 - 9:43am

I watched! It was good!!!

I loved loved loved Bailey!! OMG she was just sooo CUTE! I like where that story is going! LOL!

Yes Yes Meridith was holding Pregnant stick! LOL! But I dont think it will 'take' as its to early for them to be pg, I think she will be 'shot' in the belly or fall and we wont find out until next year that she lost the baby! sad!

OMG...the Chris/Hunt/Teddy thing get over it already! I loved that he told her he didnt know how he felt about Teddy but he "Knew" how he felt about her, wished he would've said I love you!

What about Mark and little grey?? OMG...I loved that!

The old couple was sooo cute! I cried! what a good story! I agree about Demi Lavato hype! not that great! LOL!

Next week's season final looks sooo GOOD!! The Bailey under the bed made me jump! Then Derck telling Mer and Chris to stay put, I know they wont!


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Fri, 05-14-2010 - 6:09pm

Wow Bailey seriously cracks me up. It's about time she had some fun and omg her divorce still isn't finalized?!

And Meredith pregnant?! Oh please! She and Derrick aren't even married. I don't care what anyone says that damn post it note is not a marriage! They're shacking up and that's it!

And how can Christina still not be getting whats going on with Teddy and Owen? Sure she made the smart move not moving in with him, but he is clearly in love with Teddy regardless of what he says.

Callie and Arizona are seriously breaking my heart. I'm so annoyed over their break up.

That old couple was hilarious! Imagine that, reuniting after all those years and then just deciding to go for it. Oh ewww old people sex gross!

Lexie (little grey) should stay with Alex. Strangely they kind of work together and I think Mark is way to old for her.

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