Jackie and Tara Show Teasers!

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Jackie and Tara Show Teasers!
Mon, 06-07-2010 - 12:42pm


Is Charmaine going to go through with the wedding on "United States of Tara"? I feel like she will because she wants it so bad. -Peter K.
Oh, yeah, she definitely wants it. But whether she gets it or not, well, you'll see. All I will say is I don't think Tara is in support of Char's marriage to Mr. Handsome and makes it known. Or maybe I'm reading to much into what goes down. Watch and let me know what you think.

Will we see Neil (Patton Oswalt) on "United States of Tara" again or is he gone for good? -JJ
He'll be back this week.

I hate Kate's boyfriend on "USofT"! I like the actor who plays him, he was good on "Dirty Sexy Money," but I can't really stand his character on this show. -Melanie
Agreed. And his true colors will shine brightly on Monday night.

What do you think of Marshall's makeout with blondie? -Julianna
I think blondie's becoming more likeable. He's growing on me.

What can you say about the season finale of "The United States of Tara"? -P
We're going to get some serious answers. Seems they're finally revealing the initial trauma that caused Tara's alters to emerge... and it's, wow, talk about family secrets... make sure to watch.


Korbs, what can I look forward to in the final "Nurse Jackie" episode? It has become my favorite show and I'm pretty bummed it's almost over. -Jen
Coop getting punched in the face after telling Sam that he was sleeping with his girlfriend is one of the funniest, most satisfying displays of mild violence I've ever seen on TV. But even better than that is the blossoming relationship between Zoey and Lenny, who have earned my vote for most adorable small screen couple of the year, no question.

Will Jackie turn to Eddie now that Kevin wants to kill her? -P
Actually, Kevin will turn to Eddie in this week's season finale -- for a ride home after Jackie leaves him on the side of the road! There is, however, a very tender moment between Jackie and Eddie at some point in the ep... makes you feel like she really might just belong with him.

Is Jackie going to weasel her way out of this mess with Kevin? -Jess Morgann
Yes. And no. Make sure to watch Monday night. If you're a fan, you've been anticipating the episode's final moments for some time.