LOST 4/12/06 ~ Spoilers.....

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LOST 4/12/06 ~ Spoilers.....
Wed, 04-12-2006 - 10:30pm

Wow, wow, wow.

What an excellant show in my opinion.

What the heck is going on?

Okay so Rose and Locke have met before and how strange that Locke was in a wheelchair when they met.

And the island has brought them both back to life....WOW!!!!!

I loved the back story of Rose and Bernard....beautiful.

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Thu, 04-13-2006 - 11:47am

OMG Henry Gale (or whatever his name is) is so so creepy "They wont give up Walt".... I was really shocked by the whole thing too.


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Thu, 04-13-2006 - 3:25pm

Rose and Locke met at the airpost while waiting to get on the plane back home - so right before the crash.

You are right though - this is the best show. I really hope some of the mysteries are solved before they end this season.... I need to get some answers LOL


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Fri, 04-14-2006 - 5:01pm
Yes, Henry Gale is just too freaky. I loved the look on his face when Locke was banging on the door asking him if he entered the numbers and hit the button.

I liked the editing with Rose and Locke. Having Locke sitting on 'her' contemplation rock. She asking about his leg injury. Him saying it will take 4 weeks to heal. Her saying, "We both know it won't take that long." Then showing the flashback with the two of them meeting before boarding the flight. Interesting to note that Rose has known all along that Locke had been 'healed' by the island and Rose believes she, too, has been 'healed' by the island.

I was a little surprised to learn that Jack didn't know about the women's trip to the other 'hatch' to find medicine for the baby. They play it up like Jack knows everything and that Kate tells him everything, so it surprised me that neither she nor Claire told him of their little 'expedition' with Rousseau. (Have I got the French woman's name right?)


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