LOST question...

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LOST question...
Thu, 04-06-2006 - 2:06pm
My vcr cut off the last minute or so of the show.
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Thu, 04-06-2006 - 9:40pm
I missed the whole episode except for the last few minutes and yup they panned to Libby's face.....so weird, what is going on?
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Thu, 04-06-2006 - 10:35pm
What was up with that extra long episode?

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Fri, 04-07-2006 - 1:08pm
Yes, Libby was a patient at the mental hospital and looking very 'drugged' and spaced out on whatever medication the nurse was giving her. The other thing was that guy that Hurley kept seeing on the island -- I'm drawing a blank on his name -- the guy in the bathrobe that he knew from the mental hospital -- and his doctor kept trying to tell Hurley that he was a bad influence because he didn't want Hurley to change. It turned out that bathrobe guy didn't exist! He was in Hurley's imagination! (Like the college roommate in that movie with Russel Crowe about the genius guy.) The photo the doctor took -- ostensibly of Hurley and his pal -- showed just Hurley with his arm out but no one else sitting there. That's one of the reasons Hurley thought he was going crazy again. It seemed like maybe he had finally accepted that bathrobe guy was his own creation and was able get rid of him in 'the real world' and when bathrobe guy came back, Hurley thought he was going nuts again.

I hope all that makes sense. I'm always forgetting names!

But where will this go? The whole island experience can't be a creation of Hurley's imagination, can it?

One thing I missed which was a carryover from last week to this week. Where did the food drop come from? Somehow I missed that last week amidst all the excitement of the blast doors coming down and everything. Locke's flashbacks made me feel so sorry for him and makes me wonder how he got the strength and fortitude he seems to have now. Maybe just from being burned so many times, he realized he had to toughen up or he'd never make it? We still don't know how he got paralyzed!


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