Lost ---- were you shocked???

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Lost ---- were you shocked???
Thu, 05-04-2006 - 11:34am

Right toward the end of the show I started to get an inkling of what was gonna happen....but not to the extreme that it did ! !!! wow! Kinda puts a different perspective on the fact that those two actresses were out drinking and then getting caught driving under the influence ... I wonder if they'd just finished shooting that scene ?

I wonder if "Henry" is actually the "guy in charge" he keeps talking about?


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Thu, 05-04-2006 - 11:48am

TOTALLY shocked!!! I sat there numb and dumbfounded for a good 5 minutes after the episode was over!!!

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Thu, 05-04-2006 - 1:36pm
I think what I said was, 'What the f---?' and I don't swear!! DH says Michael was brainwashed by the others and doing their bidding. Do you think Michael's dead or just wounded? Was he setting it up to look like Henry did all the shooting?

This was the first time I noticed Libby get nervous when Hurley said 'maybe I'll remember where I know you from'. Do you think she and AnnaLucia are dead or just wounded? I'd hate for Hurley to be hurting like that and I want some closure to his storyline with Libby and the mental hospital.

And what was the deal with "I was coming for you, John"? I just don't understand anything Henry says now. Interesting thought that maybe he's the man in charge, but he'd have to have retained some communication with his group and I don't see how that could be happening.

Love this show!! DH thinks it's completely whacky and I don't care!!


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Thu, 05-04-2006 - 2:21pm

I about fell out of bed!

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Thu, 05-04-2006 - 9:21pm

Um, yeah, I was blown away by the events of last nights show.

I had to pick my chin up off the floor after about 5 minutes.

I also think that the others are holding Walt over Michael's head.

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Thu, 05-04-2006 - 11:04pm

OMG it was completely amazing!


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Fri, 05-05-2006 - 12:22am

OMG! I said the same thing to DH today, that I think "Henry" is actually the guy in charge, since he's so good at playing with people's minds. What he said to Locke was, to me, just another way to try to drive a wedge between Locke & Jack, which doesn't seem to be working anymore (another "experiment"?).

I was in utter shock when Michael shot Ana Lucia, and I could not pick my jaw up off the floor for about 10 minutes afterwards!! Then, he shot Libby and then himself - OMG!!! I think Ana is dead, Libby is wounded, but everyone now thinks "Henry" did all the shooting, not Michael, since he wounded himself to make it look like "Henry" did it (and escaped). That was the whole idea, to get him to escape.

The best part of the whole show was when Sawyer and Ana Lucia "got busy" - ROFL!! That was great!! (I just kept picturing myself in place of her!! LOL!)

Weird how Ana was in Sydney with Jack's father. I think that people on this island get "killed off" when they finally resolve their own demons. Like, Shannon finally faced her inner fears and then got shot/killed, Ana tested herself when she tried to shoot "Henry" and didn't, then dies, hmmmm. Just makes me wonder if it's the "power of the island" or something.

DH and I were looking at each other funny when Michael was telling everyone how the "Others" were worse off than they were, wearing rags and living in tents, and that they had another hatch. Kate's face said it all - "Wait a minute, those are disguises, like I found at the medical hatch". That's all we could think about, and then when Michael shot Ana, it made sense a little (just a little!!). I definitely think they're holding Walt over his head, but it could be more complicated than that, since Walt has "powers". Maybe Walt is controlling everything??? Who knows with this show!!!!

ETA: Oh, and I also thought the same thing, Donna, that