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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 9:32am

Ok what did ya think of NCIS and NCIS LA last night??

I have always loved NCIS due to Mark Harmon! back from the "St Elsewhere" days! LOL! I loved how Tony came to find Zva like that!

The new NCIS LA was good too!! Yummy Chris O'donnell and LL Cool J! I think they will show a different kind of NCIS, something very different than NCIS is!


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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 10:13am
I have them both DVR'ed.
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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 12:36pm

We watched both of them and will keep them on our DVR list. We missed quite a bit of last season of NCIS, so we need to catch up on some things, but it's still the same good show.

I really liked NCIS: LA. Chris O'Donnell is very nice to look at. We will keep watching it.