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Wed, 03-17-2004 - 5:50am

OK, I like this show. It is only one of the two non-reality shows I watch anymore. I suffer through WEEKS of not be able to watch it every season, because ABC always puts pilot series in the Tuesday 10PM slot, but the plus side is, we get a season full of first run episodes. No repeats.

I missed last week, but I knew Lou (SGT) was leaving, although I had no IDEA the actor was leaving the show. (he is not in the opening credits anymore). Last week I guess was his last episode. Missed it, so imagine MY Surprise when I watch this week to see the bumbling idiot Gibson has been chosen to take over the 15th precinct. I can't stand that character, I can't stand how he talks, and If I were Andy

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Wed, 03-17-2004 - 8:12pm
I can't stand gibson either. Gibson brought is african gray parrot in to the squad. Andy hates it. WHen he left for the night, he put a tape recorder in w/ the bird to keep repeating one word over & over!! Soon teh bird will learn "doushbag"!

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