OMG OMG on Desperate Housewives.....

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OMG OMG on Desperate Housewives.....
Sat, 09-13-2008 - 12:54pm

In my people mag....

this year DW will be FIVE YEARS LATER...yes that is right! where they lefted off last year!!

Mike is GONE, susan is married to a new guy! GAbby has 2 girls and has gain weight, Thscavos kids are teens,

so how does gabby get 2 kids that are over 5ys old?? guess we will find out.


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Sat, 09-13-2008 - 1:54pm

Did you not watch the end of last season?


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Mon, 09-15-2008 - 8:59am

yes I saw last years ending show...I thougth they were just showing where they would be in 5yrs not that they would 'move' 5yrs over the summer!! Come on! LOL!

I hope that Mike isn't GONE GONE...I like him to much! LOL!


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