Reminder about premiere dates:

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Reminder about premiere dates:
Thu, 08-31-2006 - 2:27pm
Coming Soon on TV Watch!

House premieres Tuesday, Sept. 5, on Fox
Nip/Tuck premieres Tuesday, Sept. 5 on FX
The Wire premieres Sunday, Sept. 10, on HBO
Dancing With the Stars premieres Tuesday, Sept. 12, on ABC
Survivor premieres Thursday, Sept. 14, on NBC
The Amazing Race premieres Sunday, Sept. 17, on CBS
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip premieres Monday, Sept. 18, on NBC
Gilmore Girls premieres Tuesday, Sept. 19, on the CW
America's Next Top Model premieres Wednesday, Sept. 20, on the CW
Grey's Anatomy premieres Thursday, Sept. 21, on ABC
Desperate Housewives premieres Sunday, Sept. 24, on ABC
Ugly Betty premieres Thursday, Sept. 28, on ABC

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Thu, 08-31-2006 - 8:23pm
Thanks for posting this, Brandee! I'll have my calender mark. ;o)

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