Six Fee Under season finale

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Six Fee Under season finale
Mon, 08-30-2004 - 1:53pm

My boss and I were discussing this today and he thinks Nate is going to find out that Brenda may have had something to do with his wife's disappearance.

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Sun, 09-05-2004 - 2:43am

You know, I haven't been so "in" with this season.

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Sat, 09-18-2004 - 5:39pm
OK so after watching the season finale, what do you think now? Did lisa's brother in law kill her? Will we never know now what really happened?


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Sat, 09-25-2004 - 4:02pm
Yep - Lisa's BIL killed her. He admitted it to Nate when he confronted him with the picture that the daughter sent with that book for his brother. Lisa had the same clothes on that she had the day she left to "visit her sister", but she was actually meeting up with her BIL to end an affair. He didn't want it to end, and he didn't want Lisa to tell his wife (her sister), so he killed her. Then, BIL saw his wife had heard the entire conversation with Nate, so he pulled out his gun and shot himself. The End. Lisa chapter over now ;-)