Sons Of Anarchy 1st Show!!

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Sons Of Anarchy 1st Show!!
Thu, 09-09-2010 - 5:04pm

So what did you think of the 1st show!!

about half way my DH and I were like...boring!! they just didn't do much! But then they HIT IT Big time!

WOW I was shocked that they killed of that cop! WOW and what a way to go out!! That shocked me!!

Now on with the season!!!


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Fri, 09-10-2010 - 12:13pm
I was thinking the same thing throughout the show, but it did get better. I can't believe that Hale is dead either, let alone how he died. And why in the world did Jax mess up the shooter so much?? I know he snapped, but if it was a connection to Abel?!? Great episode, great show... can't wait until next week!!

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