T.R. Knight leaving "Grey's Anatomy"

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T.R. Knight leaving "Grey's Anatomy"
Wed, 06-17-2009 - 5:36pm

It's true: T.R. Knight leaving "Grey's Anatomy"

According to Michael Ausiello, the actor has been granted his wish to leave the show three years early in the wake of George O'Malley's lighter storylines. As Ausiello reports, "ABC has granted T.R. Knight's wish to be released from his contract. The official decision, I'm told, came down in the past few days, just as many of his castmates began receiving their formal pickup letters from the network." PLUS: "Grey's" promotes Jessica Capshaw to series regular.


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Me too. Although, I guess this is a final confirmation. I liked George =(

I like the Arizona character too, not the name so much, but she is kind of cute.

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I'm kind of surprised this is "new" news.