12/10 message boards update

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12/10 message boards update
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 12:46pm

Hello all,

I know some of you have been experiencing difficulties the message boards, so I wanted to share the latest information. Here is an update posted on the iVillage Help board from our Community Director, Jessica :


Hi, everyone.

I know I haven't posted an update in quite some time. Unfortunately, there's not much to report. Here's why:

When the boards started experiencing slowness -- pages taking forever to load, pages timing out and failing, etc. -- that became the top priority for the tech team. Shortly after they started investigating, it was brought to our attention that the slowness on the boards was slowing down the rest of the site as well. What started out as a message boards fix turned into a site-wide fix, with many more moving parts to take into account.

They're still working on these issues, including the login & posting failures. (The two issues are related, turns out.)

One small fix did go through though -- they raised the character limit for signatures from 255 to 1000. I bet many of you have seen signatures showing up again?

I'm getting an update from the tech team about the login/posting bug this morning, and I'm meeting with the higher-ups (all of them) at iVillage on Wednesday. We need a final solution to all of the issues we're having -- everyone here agrees on this. We can't keep going the way we are, and we know it. Should be an interesting meeting!