Ali & Jun are so MEAN! Live feed spoiler

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Ali & Jun are so MEAN! Live feed spoiler
Mon, 09-22-2003 - 5:50pm
What is their problem with Erika???? I was just reading the live feeds and they are being so mean about her, saying she was too skinny and had fake boobs and was a phony b**** ( talk about calling the kettle black!) I just don't understand why they hate her so much. I mean, I know I didn't live in the house with her but her diary room sessions you could tell she wasn't being mean about the other people and Ali and Jun were mean all the time in theirs! On the live feeds it said the jury had already cast their votes apparently and got to question Ali and Jun, so I'm wondering if Erika really ripped into them??? Oh I hope sooooo!!!!!! Anyway, I'm just really disgusted that the vote comes down to these two losers, it sucks!!!!!!

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oh don't even get me started about ali and Jun......they have bad mouth EVERYONE!

Dana-of course Ali is jealous cause of Justin...saying she stunk

Rob-never washed his sheets and he smelled like A**, ali made some bigot remarks about him being cuban

Justin-ali claimed he had a belly and was making fun of him

Nate_was just a dumb okie and ali only kissed him to get farther in the game

(her words)

Jack-thought he was a pervert

Michelle-making fun of her calling her stupid and IQ low

I can't remember whatelse I have read from the feeds, but I REALLY hate these two. I think I even hate them more than I hated Jenna from Survivor!