Amazing Race (11/1) spoilers

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Amazing Race (11/1) spoilers
Tue, 11-01-2005 - 9:39pm

I will say this yet again...

I can't stand the Weaver family. There are definitely two sides to them. The very religious side and the vindictive side. I understand they were hurt by the yield, but to go through and criticize everyone? I'm pretty sure that isn't the "right" thing to do (and they always seem to be going on and on about what's "right). I'm just sick and tired of them. Go home.

The Paolo family is growing on me. Yes, they still argue, but I truly think this race is changing their relationship with one another (especially DJ and his mom).

I like the Bransen's (dad and daughters) and the Linz (siblings). I'm neutral on the sisters.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Gaghan family, but I have to commend the parents and children. Never were they ugly to one another. Always respectful. Always encouraging. Good family dynamics.

I do like the family edition - though, not as much as the "regular" format.

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Wed, 11-02-2005 - 8:29am

I was a big fan of the Gaghan's, so I was really sad to see them go. But I didn't really expect them to win. I am glad that it wasn't the kids that made them come in last this time, just the Mom's bad luck in finding the red bean. And the comment the Mom made to the son while walking up to the mat telling him to hold his head up, that said a lot about that family to me. They were very encouraging all around and seem to be a very strong family unit - which may well be editing but I don't think so.

The Paolo's, I hate to admit, are growing on me, too. They still show them arguing, fighting and yelling at each other but it just isn't as aggressive as it used to be and their comments are as downright mean. I'm beginning to see them as a much stronger unit, too.

I love the Linz family! They are so immature and young but in a good way that works well for them. They seem to always be smiling and are always joking around, whether things are going well or not. I cracked up last night at the scene where they were telling the sister that she's an official Linz boy now and had her golden b--ls and she said, "Twenty-one years. Twenty-one years I've been waiting for my b--ls!" Hilarious!

I like the Bransen's well enough, don't have a dislike for them but they aren't my favorites. And the Godlewski's annoy me one minute and make me love them the next.

I'm enjoying this season but yeah, it's not quite the same as a regular one.

Edited to Add: I totally forgot about the Florida team. I can not stand them! I will say that they seem to be a pretty strong family unit but they just do not relate to anyone else well at all. The whole scene with the Yield and them insulting everyone while trying to make everyone feel like it didn't bother them was just bad all around. Insulting all of the teams that didn't even yield them and their comments as people went by, what jerks they were about the whole thing. I am really hoping this turns out to be one of those "what comes around, goes around" things because seeing them win now would just make me sick.

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Wed, 11-02-2005 - 2:48pm

I totally agree with you on the Weavers/Florida.

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Wed, 11-02-2005 - 3:23pm

I basically agree with all of you on all of the families.

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Wed, 11-02-2005 - 4:17pm

Ok I watched the show last night with my older brother who is like 43 ok and the little girl at the end crying was soooo sad that my brother was crying. I honestly didnt think that the would make it all the way to the end but I commend them like it was said in another post that they were always nice to others and they always respected each other.

As for the Paolo team

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Wed, 11-02-2005 - 7:57pm
Yeah, I was definitely shocked by how vindictive they were when they were yielded. Those comments were not appropriate for a family who claims to be so "religious". I used to like them, but I'm not so sure after last night's episode.
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Thu, 11-03-2005 - 8:53am

I agree with all the previous posts....

Paolo's started growing on me last week and continued to do so this week. DJ is still louder then the rest, maybe seeing himself on the show will be a wake up call for him!

Linz clan just crakes me up --- did you see one of the guys carrying his sister on his back for the last leg of the race. It was sweet!!!

Sisters -- I like them one minute and can't stand them the next.

Gaghan -- didn't care for them one way or the other --- much like the sisters, I like them one minute and couldn't sand them the next. ONE THING I WILL SAY -- they were always respectful of each other. That's nothing to sneeze at in a game like that. So my hat goes off to them on that one.

Bransen's --- I like the way the girls work so well together. No bickering or fighting like the older sisters. Just wish the dad would step in for at least one of the tasks and lead his group!

Weavers -- can't STAND them!!! If you want a good laugh check out this site of the mom


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Sat, 11-05-2005 - 8:18am

No wonder God never answers my prayers. He's busy with the Weaver Family asking him to show them which direction to go, to get unstuck, pass another team and even find the red bean. True Christians wouldn't even think to pray for stuff like that!