American Idol..Movie night 4/13

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American Idol..Movie night 4/13
Thu, 04-14-2011 - 10:43am

So what did ya think!

From the top....

Paul, this was the 1st time I didn't really like him, thought it wasn't his best night

Lauren, Now I liked her tonight!

Stefano sorry but still don't like him, not sure why!

I loved Loved Scotty! He is so good!

Casey I liked it, jazz suits him. Not sure if everyone else will like it

Haley that was just so bad!

Jacbo was good but then I love that sound....he still sounds like he should be in church! :-)

NOW NOW James Rocked the House!

I really think Casey and James were the only ones that took a 'chance' and really did something out there! they others took the 'save' road!

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