Anyone watching Amazing Race on GSN?

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Anyone watching Amazing Race on GSN?
Sun, 07-17-2005 - 7:13pm

I only found Amazing Race a few seasons ago so I'm just THRILLED to be watching season 1 right now!! And its on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on Game Show Network :) No waiting week to week to see who makes it through each leg LOL. I get a fix every night!! And although I remember hearing several of the racers names mentioned (particularly "Team Guido") I truly have no idea who wins in season 1 so its just as exciting for me watching it as if it were a new season!! (SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE LOL!!!! I know I could go online somewhere and find out who wins but I'm thoroughly enjoying it w/o knowing!!!)

Anyway, anyone else re-watching or watching season 1 for the first time? I think I didn't find Amazing Race until season 4 or 5 so I should be able to enjoy Amazing Race all summer as first-runs for myself, not reruns!! Yippeeee!!!


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Mon, 07-18-2005 - 8:11am

While I missed the first three episodes, since I forgot it was starting, I have watched two and have two on DVR to watch. I too am soooo excited to be watching it from the beginning. I started at AR5. I remember watching some of one season several years back, however I would not able to tell you which one.

I thought summer would be filled with watching things I have already seen, and I got sucked into Big brother, I want to be a Hilton and Average Joes Strike back and I get to watch old AR shows....I have really turned into a reality TV junkie!!!!

Have a good day!

xx Nancy

PS....Almost forgot, started watching Lost too, during the reruns for the summer and am enjoying a little non-reality too!!!

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Tue, 07-19-2005 - 11:58am

I didn't start watching AR either until season 5 so I am really enjoying it. You can see how things have changed (production is better, less fast forwards, no yeilds) since the first season. I thought that I would watch but if I missed an episode it would be ok but I find myself setting the VCR so I don't miss a minute of it!!! I think when they get to the newer episodes I will still watch even if I know who wins just because you forget or maybe missed some of the little comments that are made along the way.

I'm loving it!! Doesn't Phil look young? And he's only there for the last team not the others.