AR- 1/11 episode--spoilers

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AR- 1/11 episode--spoilers
Wed, 01-12-2005 - 12:57am

Forget the episode--how about next week's preview?

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Thu, 01-13-2005 - 8:15am

Jonathan is driving me nuts!!! I said to my DH that if I were her I'd let him choose every single task and find a way to get him to do it as well. Stroke his ego or something. No matter what she picks or how hard she tries it's never good enough for him. URGH!!! I was laughing at him stomping the grapes. He wasn't stomping at all. Looked like he was just kicking them around. What an idiot!!!

I liked Aaron and Hayden in the beginning but she's getting on my nerves now. I still like him.

I think Kris and Jon and my favorites at this point.