AR 1/25 discussions/Spoilers.....

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AR 1/25 discussions/Spoilers.....
Wed, 01-26-2005 - 8:43am

Poo......I was sooooo hoping that last night was going to be the last non-elim round but unfortunately it was not. I wanted to see Lori and Bolo make it to the final three. I would not have been disappointed if they even won. (Jon/Kris are my favs). I can't believe she climbed all the way up to not have the clue....that totally stunk!

The race at the pool was hilarious....everyone not remembering they had to swim the pool. and then racing to do it.....Freddy practically dragged Kendra out. LOL

I think that Adam and Rebecca have some luck, they keep hanging in there. How they have made it this far is beyond me.

I wonder if they were in any of the areas that were later effected by the Tsumani.

Anyhooo...gotta get to work...took me a while to find the board this this another new format???

Happy day all!


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Wed, 01-26-2005 - 9:33am

I agree, I was sad that Lori and Bolo came in last, they crack me up but Jon and Kris are my favorites, they always have fun and they are strong and push each other along. I can't stand the baby thing between Kendra and Freddy anymore, it's sickening. I was wondering the same thing and thought that probably the first area they were in on the shore probably got hit. Very sad to see all that and how pretty it all was and to think that alot of it and the people may not even be there anymore.


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Wed, 01-26-2005 - 10:52am

I agree, I'm sad to see Lori & Bolo go! At first I thought they were cartoonish, but I came to see they worked really well together and they really love each other! Awww..
I saw them on The Early Show this morning. They said the train they were on in last night's episode was wiped out and a bunch of people were killed. They kept saying "we were just there" and now it's gone. Scary and sad.

I enjoyed watching L&B, I think it'll be kind of boring now. I think Rebecca & Adam should have been gone long ago!! Kris & Jon keeep plugging along enjoying the scenery & life in general with smiles on their faces, Kendra keeps whining and Hayden has her usual meltdown.

Kind of predictible.


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Wed, 01-26-2005 - 1:12pm
It's really hard to express fully in words but last night was not as much fun. Knowing they were in a place that so many lives were just lost kinda put a damper on this episode, my husband kept saying I wonder how many of these (native people) died. And I guess because Jonathan was gone and wasn't there to get my blood boiling kinda made it more subdued. I wanted Freddy and Kendra to go home and thought the chances were well since she was getting sick. NOT food you ate, called stomach flu!! DUH Or maybe the water the wonderful people are FORCED to drink, it's not like they are spoiled with designer bottled water LIKE SOME prissy contestants ARE!!!! grr Anyway I wanted them or Adam and Rebecca gone and things looked great for either to happen but poor Bolo and Lori, I wanted them to stick around and run against Jon and Kris for the prize! I want Jon and Kris to win for sure. Hayden is driving me nuts with her whining spirit on physical tasks, just shut up already women!! grr And Rebecca UGG that woman has so many emotions that flip flop depending on Adams performance in a task it's just sick to me. GO Jon and Kris!!!
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Wed, 01-26-2005 - 1:31pm

I'm with you, I was really sad to see Lori and Bolo go, I liked them alot. Her screaming at him was pretty bad but I know I'd have been madder than that had I climbed all the way up there and had to go back down and back up again! I wondered why he didn't start climbing to give it to her when he realized she needed it, I guess the rules say they can't? I mean, I know it says only one team member can complete it but technically him running up there wouldn't be her "not" doing it, LOL! But as close as they all were, they probably would have gotten a time penalty and been last, anyway. I thought it was really sweet when Kris went over and put her hands on his shoulders and said they would be all right... although a little weird, like she thought he was thinking their relationship was over because she yelled at him.

Anyway, I am so sick of hearing Kendra and Hayden's mouths. I really hope that Kris and Jon win, they are so nice and likeable. Even Jon arguing with the cab driver next week in the previews didn't look THAT bad, if that's him mad... that's my DH every day, LOL! As Rebecca says, I'm SOOO over those two, enough already you babies! Everytime they kissed last night I wanted to throw things at the TV. I can't even say which of the 3 teams I want to go next week, how sad is that? LOL, just hope it isn't Kris and Jon.

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Wed, 01-26-2005 - 5:53pm

I felt so bad for Kendra! And Bolo and Lori! And Poor Adam! I couldn't believe it when Rebecca made that comment about how she was going to fake their relationship just to get them through the race. I don't understand why it has to be drama...can't they just agree maturely not to be together? She is a control freak and I hope he does better!

And What was up with Hayden???? Why would you choose to climb trees when you claim you have a true PHOBIA of heights? The elephant thing wasn't that hard, considering someone else was steering the elephant. The when she was done she made all those pithy statements about how you have to do what you fear.

So if only four teams are left, how many more episodes will they make? I'm expecting only two more.


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Wed, 01-26-2005 - 7:46pm

They were in Colombo, Sri Lanka for the detour challenges and Colombo

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