AR - 1/4/05 episode (m spoilers)

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AR - 1/4/05 episode (m spoilers)
Tue, 01-04-2005 - 10:06pm

OH I'm so sad!!! I can't believe Hera & Gus got eliminated and that darn Jonathan is still there! WHY does Victoria put up with him? They are the most disfunctional couple I've EVER seen. It's down right scary!! He just makes me LIVID!

Poor Freddy! Not only did he get bonked in the head but his brilliant girlfriend told him "oh look under the table" while he was eating. What a goofball Kendra is! :)

But the FUNNIEST part was Kris talking about the "vibraty" thing. HEE HEE She was enjoying it a bit too much.

YAY Lori & Bolo! But it's still sad Hera & Gus are gone.


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Tue, 01-04-2005 - 11:28pm

From last to first - Dh was shocked. I told him that's what this race is all about. You can think a team is totally out of it (like Lori and Bolo were) and things can turn around in an instant! I think that's what makes this show so interesting. Even though it follows the same format every season, it's never the same old same old.

I wonder who pulled the gate down on top of the other teams. Dh and I think it was Jonathan. It just seems like something he would do to try and slow other teams down.

Speaking of Jonathan... he is the most unsupportive person I know. Did you hear Kris tell him to "support her" when Victoria was eating that soup stuff? I feel sorry for Victoria, BUT I suspect that she can at times give it as well as she gets it. They're both so volatile. Dh and I knew we weren't going to like Jonathan on the first show - when they were standing together at the start and he was bouncing around. Dh immediately said "I don't like him!".

I'm sorry to see Gus and Hera go. I think this race really changed their relationship. Good for them for making it so far! Too bad they didn't make it to the end. That would have been cool.

I hope Kris and Jon win it all. They're always so kind and sweet to each other and other people. Never screaming, yelling or arguing. And she's always smiling. It's nice to see!

I felt sorry for all the team members who had to eat that soup. Egads! Rebecca rocked though! Can you imagine Adam having to do that one? Oh man! They'd STILL be sitting there!

Can't wait til next week!

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Tue, 01-04-2005 - 11:43pm

I don't think anyone pulled the gate down.

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Wed, 01-05-2005 - 12:29pm

Doesn't Jonathan realize yelling at her while she's trying to do something makes it worse?

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Wed, 01-05-2005 - 2:28pm

Great article here:

Funny comment from Gus (about not having to wear a speedo) and an interesting comment about Victoria from Hera ("she gives as good as she gets").

I'm rooting for Jon and Kris (is that right? The happy couple?)


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Wed, 01-05-2005 - 3:32pm

I was really sad to see Gus and Hera go but I do think their relationship got a lot out of that. Maybe it was harder for me to see them go because my Dad and I are having issues right now, I don't know. But, it was sad to see another nice team like that go. They aren't jerks and don't really need to be in order to keep viewers interested. I think I'm rooting for Kris and John, too, although for the longest time it was like they weren't even there to me. I keep calling her "Britney" because she just reminds me so much of Britney Spears with her hair in those pigtails, LOL. She was hilarious on the "vibraty" ride and did you hear when they got off she said she wanted to go again? You have to respect someone like that who can see the good in so many things and is truly appreciating their experience. They are doing very well together!

Jonathan and Victoria, again, just annoyed, angered and sickened me all in one. I have realized since the very first show that she can dish a lot out but what I find most remarkable is his behavior. He's sitting there screaming at her, screaming at the musicians to stop playing (like he owns the place) and generally being a jerk. The other people in the race were even telling him to try supporting her, rather than talking about how dramatic she was being and how she likes food so it should be easy?!? What makes me even more nuts about him is how she can be next to him as they talk to someone else and he can say a sentence to her and be a total jerk while saying it, then say a sentence to the other person or people there and just be so sweet. I don't get why he is always a jerk to her but isn't to everyone. If you watch his behavior, a lot of the time, it's fine - just not while talking to her. Now, he's had his moments with others like that awesome cab driver who kicked them out and the musicians last night but I think for me, if I only saw those moments I wouldn't think he was so bad. But who knows, I can't stand the guy at all and I was so hoping she would just get up and walk out. I was sick of seeing him yelling at her that it's a R-A-C-E and to hurry up, when he was BEHIND her! Then when they had to run at the end against that other team and he said, "Here we go again..." GRRR!!!

Anyway, still love the show, LOL!

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Tue, 01-11-2005 - 12:59pm

I also watched that gate scene over and over and it was pretty tightly edited, So I suspect we'll see more of that later, in other words, I think they wanted to not show us the truth. Anyway, frame by frame it looked to me as if it just fell from its own weight. I thought that whole thing was poorly planned. It would have been more interesting if it had been something other than a mass sprint.

Victoria is definitely part of the problem. She enables him, and frankly isn't much nicer to him than he is to her.

I was also sad to see Gus and Hera go, they did well with the boat task! BUT I will say that if anything lost that race for them it was his utter lack of physical fitness.

Still like Jon and Kris also, but although she is a ray of sunshine, I think she is a ditz!