AR 3/29...discussions and spoilers

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AR 3/29...discussions and spoilers
Wed, 03-30-2005 - 7:59am

I am so freaking happy that Ray was sent packing last night!! Unfortuntately he got to win a car before he did, which stinks in my book, however none the less, yea he is gone. Did he have anything nice to say about anyone. Would not give M & G any money...what a jerk. While I did like Deana, this guy rubbed me the wrong way.

Lots of action last night, Gretchin getting hurt, the car accident, the fast forward, (not sure if I could have balanced like that) the non elimination with the new twist of taking all their money and belongings.....that seems a little much to me. What are they suppose to do now when they go somewhere cold??? Uchenna and Joyce gave them something else than the clothes on their back, which was a nice gesture. I am not a big fan of M & G either, but they certainly are doing their best to keep up with the young ums!!

Happy that no one was seriously hurt in the car accident, how upsetting that must have been for the brothers(Brian and Greg right??). I am sooooo glad they beat R & D in the foot race.....After what happened I was soooo hoping they would not go home. I could not believe that R & A did not even stop to see if everyone was ok. Lynn and Alex were not as verbal about their R & A obsession last night, however their not sharing a taxi bus was a little much.

And at least we see that someone else did not get a prize last night.....However I would have rathered seeing Ron and Kelly (is that her name) get something over Ray and Deana....I am sorry, this is just a real sore spot for me.

Anyway...what did you all think??


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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 8:21am

I don't like Ray either and after the corn grinding arguments between him and Deana, I was glad to see them eliminated.


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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 9:17am

Loved last nights episodes, so action packed! It was pretty easy to tell that the first leg was going to be a non-elimination and I'm glad it was because I'd have hated to watch them leave after Gretchen's fall and then her getting up and driving on. Not that I particularly like them, I just was glad to see them still have a chance after that. I didn't like that they took all of their stuff from them and my first thought was about them going somewhere cold, too. Love that Uchenna and Joyce gave them some clothes, that was really a sweet thing to do. Those two grow on me more and more each week and I'd really love to see them win it at this point. (U&J, that is, not M&G) I think they'd be able to build their family with that money to help them and it seems to me they will make wonderful parents and are just all around good people.

Lynn and Alex drive me crazy, I can't stand them at all now. They didn't show them worrying about other teams as much last night except the gloating while saying "Bye Rob" and saying "we can beat those bitches" when Brian and Greg appeared at the marketplace. But they just grate on my nerves. I found it funny that they went on and on about how they stopped to help Brian and Greg, but all they did was stand there staring and yapping for awhile before leaving. Still, I have to admit that it was nice of them to stop but I'd be willing to bet a LOT of money that if it had been Rob and Amber on the side of the road, they'd have driven on giggling like little girls at their luck.

Speaking of Rob and Amber, I agree they should have at least slowed down and asked if everyone was okay before going on. That's what the rest of the teams did, which was not "stopping to help" so why are they getting so much crap when the other teams also didn't stop? Of course, maybe had someone said that they weren't all right, they'd have stopped and got out to help them. Who knows. Last week, when Rob gave that boat driver his Boston cap, I said to DH, "NOOO, is he crazy? There goes all their luck!" so last night he looked at me and said, "You were right!" LOL. That lady helping them in the market cracked me up when she ran by and said "Boston Rob! I am so excited!" Their fans all over are too funny. I thought the hospital scene where the nurses kept wanting to hug them and talk to them was funny since they were in such a hurry but didn't want to be rude to people who felt like they knew them. That scene at the fast-forward I didn't see it as him being rude to her, it just seemed like neither of them wanted to make the decision so that the blame wouldn't be fully on them. If you watched Survivor All-Stars, Shii-Ann always said that Amber never REALLY made any of the decisions out loud but what she wanted was always what happened, she just got Rob to do the dirty work for her. That's how I saw that scene, too. My DH and I are like that, neither wants to make big decisions all on our own, or even small decisions like where to eat, LOL!

I was so glad that Brian and Greg were okay and could go on but even more so that their camera man was okay after that crash. That was really scary. I kept hearing over and over how Greg said, "Briiiiaaaaaan" in a low moan right as the car finally stopped rolling. I hope they got to see that guy again and talk with him about it, they seemed genuinely sorry and upset about it all. I loved when they tore the clue open and the one said that it said to go home and kiss Mom and eat her chicken enchilada's until you are in a food coma, LOL, they are so funny! And then how he bought WWF shirts for the kids at the orphanage. Speaking of those kids, how SWEET were they all, cheering and clapping as the teams came in? I loved the editing of Uchenna and Joyce arguing a bit and snipping at each other on their way into the orphanage and then the huge change in their demeanor as they came out and drove off.

And the ending, Oh how I loved that ending! I was yelling at the brothers to drive faster and then when they both pulled up at the same time I kept saying, "Oh please let them outrun her, oh please run run RUN!" and when they showed that shot and they were ahead of Ray, too, loved it!! That is so much better than when they have to edit it to look like a foot race when we know it really isn't, LOL. I'm glad I won't have to listen to Ray any longer and I hope that she realizes they don't have a healthy relationship and gets out of there, he sounded like he was done already in his interview.

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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 9:22am

Rob and Amber didn't win that leg, I believe Ron and Kelly did. I don't think it's fair though that they're not giving out a prize at each leg of the race. I'm sure they did on the last show?

I'm so glad Ray and Deanna got eliminated, where did the dislike of M&G come from, I don't think there were ever a confrontation? However, when I think Rob was talking about M&G he was joking...

I read a spoiler, was it here about the betting on who would win the race and if it's true, I'll be happy, I can't say that I completely dislike anybody that is left, maybe the gay couple because they are just SOOOOO catty and I just can't stand that. But on the other hand, they make me laugh alot.

I love this show!


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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 9:24am

I loved last night's episodes. So awesome! Since last night I have thought quite a bit about the car accident and the actions of ALL the teams.

For starters, I was very impressed with the brothers. Their concern was for the injured camera man and not their standing in the race. I was also impressed that they told the gay couple to keep moving and not wait around. They also waved the other teams on. Very easily they could have distracted the other teams in to wasting time at the accident scene, but they didn't.

Lynn & Alex showed an interesting side to me last night. While it was nice to see their concern for the brothers, would they have shown the same concern had the accident occurred to Rob & Amber? I don't think so. I think they would have gone on their merry way and enjoyed seeing Rob & Amber at a disadvantage.

I have been cheering for Rob & Amber not because I want them to win, but because they truly seem to be enjoying themselves. It bothered me that they didn't stop, but at the same time I think had I been in their shoes I wouldn't have either. I know that sounds bad! But here is why: it was obvious they were already receiving the assistance they needed. Not only had another team stopped (even though the brothers told them not to) but there were other vehicles also on the scene. This is a race, and Rob & Amber had just come up from the back of the pack to the front. I would have liked to have seen them at least slow down and ask if help was needed, but in the heat of the moment I can see why they didn't.

Ok, so normally I just lurk...that obviously didn't happen today!!! I hope I don't get toasted too much for this post!!!


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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 9:44am

I have a question about the accident though.

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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 9:48am
I know Rob and Amber didn't win that leg of the race - sorry if I misstated that in my previous post.


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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 9:57am

I agree about those stopping at the accident.

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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 10:06am

I'm no Lynn/Alex fan but they were stopping before they knew who's truck had flipped. They may have driven on if it was Rob/Amber but we will never know. Rob drove right past with barely a glance, they were both smiling a moment later.

The camera man was shooting footage of the front left wheel out the window which is probably why he was hurt when everyone else was okay.

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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 10:50am

I totally agree with you about Rob and Amber not stopping to help the brothers. Like you said, it doesn't LOOK good to not stop, but like you said in the heat of the moment....

And about Lynn and Alex stopping to HELP? YUCK they are so fake

Im a lurker too, love this board!!


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Wed, 03-30-2005 - 11:03am

What exciting episodes!

The brothers just keeping going up in my book ... I love their sense of humor (usually directed at themselves). I really felt for them last night ... they were pretty emotional when they finished --- the classic faces of guys that are really choked up yet trying really hard not to let the tears flow.

I've been a fan of Rob ... but there were several times last night it was pretty hard to like him ... as others have already mentioned. It's starting to seem to pretty unfair to me that Rob and Amber are able to use their celebrity status to get more local help than the other teams....I must admit though it was funny to watch that woman's reaction that helped them in the market when she realized "Boston Rob" was there too LOL..and nice that they took her all the way to the finish line with her.

I was so glad the brothers chose the water instead of the food --- that was their only chance of making up time....and I was sooo glad Ray and Deanna left.

That new twist of losing all your posessions in addition to your money seems really harsh! like someone said...what happens when they go to a snowy climate now! brrrrrrr

I wonder if the brothers will stop and help with the flat tire next week? (if they even have the opportunity)