AR 5/3--Whew! That was close! (spoilers)

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AR 5/3--Whew! That was close! (spoilers)
Thu, 05-04-2006 - 1:29pm
I don't think I have ever seen a run to a pit stop that close! And I thought for sure the Hippies were second, but Phil said it was MoJo. I was so upset that the Hippies were out I started hollering to DH in the other room, "Ooooohh, the Hippies are last." Then I was hollering, 'It's a non-elimination round! They're still in it!" Yes, DH thinks I'm a little nutty! ;o) Does everyone agree -- how immature was 'Jo'? I have never heard so much whining in my life as when she was standing at that Yield -- "It's not fair." Hello!!! It's a game!!! Are you telling me you wouldn't have done the same thing if you had gotten there first? Both DH and I agree it was sleazy of the Frat Boys to cancel everyone's cab, but kharma bit them in the a$$ when their cab didn't show up, too! The next episode is going to be a good one -- tempers are flaring, the end is in sight. Can't wait!


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Thu, 05-04-2006 - 9:13pm

Oh was my heart pounding last night.

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Thu, 05-04-2006 - 10:53pm
Agree with PPs.


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Fri, 05-05-2006 - 2:54am


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Fri, 05-05-2006 - 10:52am

I'm quite tired of MoJo. I understand she was upset about being yielded, but come on... they would have done the same thing had they been in the position to do so. Whine. Whine. Whine. Sheesh. The look on her face when she realized the hippies are still in it was priceless. I hope the finals go something like this: 1st - Hippies, 2nd - Ray and Yolanda and 3rd - Frat boys. :0)

I think what I like about the hippies is how they seem to have run the entire race very laid back. They've enjoyed every place they've been and aren't spending all their time arguing, whining, etc.

I'm so glad the race is back to the original format!

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