AR Highlight Show

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AR Highlight Show
Thu, 04-07-2005 - 10:28am

I enjoyed the recaps of all the episodes but didn't think there was all that much new footage.

I loved when Rob told Amber to remember the three rules: "Love me, have fun with me, don't come in last."

Couldn't believe Uchenna doing back flips in the airport for money. He's so large and looked so graceful. That's a lot of muscle to flip around!

Almost puked when Kelly talked about using her Miss South Carolina title to be an example to the world or something like that. She's certainly not been living up to that expectation.

In Peru, a truck the contestants had to ride in broke down when Rob and Amber were in it. Rob hopped off and crawled under the truck with the driver to help fix it. He also got out of a taxi that was stuck in traffic due to a stalled van and with Amber helped to push the van off the road. I like that they take action instead of complaining about delays.

In Botswana, Rob and Amber see themselves on the cover of a magazine. I'm surprised they are such celebrities outside of the U.S. (or even in the U.S.!)

Gretchen really is a trooper. She used to annoy me with her backseat driving and tone of voice but after reviewing the footage of her falling in the cave, I think she's one heck of a person.

After seeing more of the brothers, I really wish they hadn't been eliminated. There parents have good reasons to be proud of them.

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Thu, 04-07-2005 - 12:48pm

I've never watched one of the recap shows but did last night and thoroughly enjoyed it! I like several of the teams a lot more after seeing a little more footage of them! The brothers especially were more fun even early on than we were really shown. Its too bad they're gone.

I noticed that Patrick was all smiles in the truck with Rob & Amber after Rob helped fix it. I wonder if that was about the time we stopped hearing his constant babbling about having to beat R&A and the editors shifted to the constant R&A bashing from the boyfriends. I also really liked seeing a team (I almost said tribe ROFL) find a solution to a delay rather than sitting and moaning about. Admittedly a lot of times there's simply nothing the teams can do but wait, but it was cool to see that when a situation *was* controllable Rob & Amber jump in to try and control it.

Seeing the hillbillies who were first eliminated reminded me of how much fun it would have been to see them a little longer! They were pretty darn entertaining :)


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