AR5 - congrats to ... (M)

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AR5 - congrats to ... (M)
Wed, 09-22-2004 - 10:01am
Congrats to Chip and Kim for winning the Amazing Race! I feel they really deserved winning the million dollars and ran an excellent race all the way through.

The bowling moms (Linda and Karen) have nothing to hang their heads about on that last rock climbing stunt because I know for a fact that I could've never done it. Of course some of those height things I could've never done because I am terrified of heights (and not too crazy about flying either! LOL)

I was just glad that Colin and Christie didn't win and shouldn't they have been penalized somehow for breaking a traffic law - driving in the breakdown lane of the highway?

Congratulations to all the Amazing Racers and I can't wait for AR6!