BB, 7/13 show talk:

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BB, 7/13 show talk:
Wed, 07-14-2004 - 8:43am

I didn't see much of the show. I was mainly watching the final show of Blow Out (Brav). I watched bits & pieces.

Jase & Scott, man, they have got to go NOW!! The are so full of themselves. I just want to rip those things Jase wears around his eyes right off his face!! I know they want Mike to go. But as the former seasons have shown, they one they "want" to go, never does. We probably will be saying "bye bye" to Jennifer on Thurs.

Please, please, please, someone other than the 4 horsedud's win HOH this week! Please put Jase & Scott on the block!!!

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Wed, 07-14-2004 - 8:50am

Kim I completely agree about scott and Jace!

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Wed, 07-14-2004 - 10:41am
My teenager agrees with you. We lurk here during BB because we have no patience. Last night was the first time she got to see the show (had summer job last week and missed both shows). She (being a teenager) thought Jace was cute. I told her looks could be deceiving and that I thought he was an ---. She told me she didn't care what I thought. Then he was in the diary room and said something bad about I think Adria I can't remember what he said, who he said it about but she turn to me and said "He is not very cute anymore." I had to laugh. JoNan
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Wed, 07-14-2004 - 12:25pm
I'm so annoyed with Scott and Jase. My goodness - "No one can have an alliance, unless *I* am involved!". That is so ridiculous. I really hope someone else gets HOH and one of them goes home. I can't handle listening to them much longer.

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Thu, 07-15-2004 - 2:46am

We stumbled onto BB last night and all we have to say is, SKANK!