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Big Brother News
Wed, 04-12-2006 - 11:08pm

Hey, it worked for Survivor.

CBS has announced that the seventh installment of its house-arrested reality series Big Brother will be an all-star version, with viewers deciding which of the past players make it into the house.

Sort of.

Before fans get to weigh in, CBS and show producers will first whittle down contestants from the previous six seasons into a pool of 20, from which viewers will be able to select between 12 or 14 housemates to take their second shot at the game.

"This will be the most interactive Big Brother yet," executive producer Allison Grodner tells Variety. "Viewers will be getting involved more than in the past."

While producers didn't reveal in their press release Wednesday exactly how or when voting will take place--though the answers are likely online and soon--Variety reports that the process won't be entirely democratic, with producers retaining the right to up the dramatic ante by swapping out chosen players with those who aren't necessarily audience favorites.

Still, the increased audience involvement marks the first time the CBS show has allowed viewers to participate in the casting process.

While the method of how a player enters the Studio City, California, home has changed, the way they leave remains the same: The players themselves still have the honor of dismissing their fellow contestants each week. The grand prize remains $500,000.

Big Brother premiered on CBS in the summer of 2000 to decent ratings but poor reviews, prompting the network to revamp the series from its Dutch origins. Big Brother has since become a solid summer performer for CBS.

Julie Chen will return to host the reality series' seventh installment, which will likely premiere in early July, taking over Survivor's Thursday time slot.

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Thu, 04-13-2006 - 12:48am
Thanks for the update, and it will probably work much like it did for Survivor. I really like BB because it's the only reality show I could actually imagine myself doing well on. I'm looking forward to an "all-star" version.
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