can I get a quick rundown on tues. show?

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can I get a quick rundown on tues. show?
Wed, 07-30-2003 - 12:36am
I set my recorder wrong and I didn't tape BB tonight can someone give me some details of what went on? PLEASE!!!!!!
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Wed, 07-30-2003 - 9:55am
Dana has nominated Jack and Alison for eviction. Everyone seems to be looking towards evicting Ali.

The "veto" competition is held. The house members need to capture 10 green balls that are coming out of an overhead bin (supposed to be like Niagara Falls). Nathan wins the competition.

Nathan and Ali conspire to let people think that he is not going to use the "veto" power.

There is a luxury compition. Whoever wins gets a luxury dinner for two. The competition is that the houseguests are placed in a chair and spun around for 30 seconds, they then must carry a tray that holds a glass of champagne to a table then ring a bell. Ali wins the competition and chooses Nathan (It was hilarious, although Jack did fall and get hurt-IMO I think Ali should have choosen Jack).

Ali and Nathan have there dinner and Nathan "feeds" Ali too much Champagne and she gets a wee bit drunk. Ali spills the beans to Justin that Nathan is going to use the veto, which gets Nathan mad.

At the veto meeting Nathan lets them know that he is infact using the veto and gives it to ALi. Dana is furious (It was priceless) and nominates Dave to get back at Nathan.

It was a great show.