Can someone post a summary of the finale

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Can someone post a summary of the finale
Thu, 09-25-2003 - 7:35am
I wasn't feeling well last night and fell asleep at 8:30, even though I was trying so very hard to stay awake!"



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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 10:05am
Well, I'll try, but I'll probably leave a lot out, hopefully others can fill in the blanks! Lets see, Julie Chen gathered up the jury and they discussed the vote. It was real dicey at first, with Jack, predictably, saying that he thought Ali had played a better game and Erika and Robert agreeing with him but basically everyone else saying Jun was the better person and they wanted her to win - although all agreed it was a case of picking the lesser of the two evils. Then I think they showed Ali & Jun inside the house talking, as usual, bad stuff about all the others. (I have to be careful because I keep getting the live feed stuff mixed up with the show stuff, so maybe someone can help me out here on what the girls did and said on the show?)

Then Julie gathered the jury and David, Amanda and Michelle together to duke it out. I felt kind of sorry for Michelle who obviously still has some big time issues with getting kicked out of the house and with David sleeping with Amanda. She was really PO'd at the other HG and let them have it, she looked ready to break into tears at any moment. I was embarrassed for her because she just still was not fitting in with any of them, she couldn't seem to let getting evicted go, the others were moving on to the vote and other things and she just sort of sat there and pouted. Amanda and David didn't really do anything, just sat there and smiled and acted stupid. Real waste of time having them there I think.

Okay, so then they cast their votes but that was kept secret. Then they were each sent into a seperate room to watch all the tapes and THAT'S when things got interesting! Let me see if I can remember some of their reactions:

Jee was sooooooo mad when he saw what Erika said about him being a ****** Korean, ****** immigrant off the ****** boat. He really hit the roof! (can't say I blame him!)

Dana was furious at all the stuff Jun and Ali said about her, especially the stuff Ali said. She was also really mad at Erika who called her a man-troll and at Jack, who said something about her being as attractive as a buzzard, or something? LOL

Justin was really mad at Ali for something, I can't remember what? Maybe his ear???

Robert was super mad at Ali for saying stuff about his daughter and him being Cuban, or something (gee, I suck at this, LOL)

Nathan was mad at Ali for lots of stuff she said, but I think mostly because of her saying he was gay.

Erika didn't seem mad at anybody, but she must have been mad at them for saying all that stuff about her.

Can't remember anyone else's reaction, sorry, can someone fill in?

Then after they came together again there was a lot of anger and resentment and Jee confronted Erika about what she said. I actually felt a little disappointed in Erika because she did not seem very sincere in her apology, but maybe that's just her nature? Jack apologized to Dana, not sure if he was sincere or not. Michelle told David he was not welcome in her house anymore (per her dad) because of sleeping with Amanda, LOL. Justin was jokingly mad at Jee for his alliance with Jun.

Okay, so then Julie had Nathan carry the voting box into the house and it was sooooooo funny. Ali and Jun run up to the door all giggly and I'm sure expecting hugs and all the HG filed past them and just said hello rather coolly and that was it, LOL

OH! almost forgot, the jury questioned them before the vote but I was really disappointed with the questions, with the exception of Erika I didn't think they were tough enough. After the questioning Jun was worried that Erika sounded mad at her and defended herself for talking about people in the DR saying everyone did it and she didn't do it anymore than anyone else. At which point Ali suddenly turned all high and mighty and said, "Yes, Jun, you did," (I about gagged!)

Okay, back to the house. So they go in and each jury member cast their vote and each one told the girls they were very disappointed in them, but again, I didn't feel they were mean enough. Here were the votes that I remember:

Erika - Jun (can anyone explain to me why Erika said she always said she would vote for the person who kicked her out of the house, then voted for Jun, since I thought Ali kicked her out!)

Jack - Jun (surprise!)

Dana - Jun (not a surprise!)

Justin - Jun (kind of surprised)

Robert - Jun (wasn't sure which way he'd go)

Jee - can't remember????

Nathan - Ali! The moron!!!!!!! Has he learned nothing???

Who am I leaving out????

Ali just sat there the entire time with this big fake grin on her face, acting like she could care less what everyone thought of her. But Jun looked like she wanted to sink into the floor. That was the one consolation, she really looked geniunly humiliated, and I was very very glad!

So then at the end Julie told them that Bob was there for Jun and that Ali's parents were there and they all ran out and hugged and kissed. Ali's boyfriend was NOT there, and he sent a note that to me sounded a little bit ominous, I hope he gives her hell when he sees her. The other HG stayed far away from the other two and did not speak to them or congratulate them at all! It was great!

So that's about all I can remember, I'm sure someone else can fill in all the blanks.



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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 11:31am

I remember when Jack said that about Dana, he said that she had the sex appeal of a buzzard's crotch! That was the funniest thing I had ever heard and I still laugh when I think about it :)

Do ya'll know if Ali got any money for coming in second? I can't remember.

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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 11:56am
Buzzard's crotch! LMAO!!!!! I love it!

Yes, unfortunatley Ali did get money, I think it was like 50,000 and Jun got 500,000?? Something like that. Shame. Maybe she can use the money to buy a decent personality!


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Thu, 09-25-2003 - 2:42pm
Thanks so much! I figured Jun would win (lesser of two evils) and I was wondering how it all played out.