The Glee Project - Vunerability

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The Glee Project - Vunerability
Mon, 06-27-2011 - 11:40am

Whew...that was one tough assignment... using a personal weakness to tap into it for a better performance. I personally thought they were all amazing; it was emotional for me to watch... I can't imagine how they did it. Watching them as they watched each other perform wearing signs stating their vunerability was an interesting touch -- I thought it seemed to really pull them closer as a group. When Marissa decided to change her word after watching Alex, I think she really felt the message of the song. And when Damien had that emotional meltdown practicing his call back song, I was in tears.

Looks like next week we'll be seeing the diva side of Matheus come out; he's won two of the hoework assignements so far and I love his voice. Just hoping he can handle the success so far; it would be a shame if he lost his chance because of an over-inflated ego ... Lindsay's already walking that fine line, in my opinion.

Anyone else watching?