Help! Accidently erased BB for 7/26 (m)

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Help! Accidently erased BB for 7/26 (m)
Wed, 07-27-2005 - 10:14pm

Can anyone give me a recap of what went on (POV comp, who won, did they use it? Any good gossip?)?


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Thu, 07-28-2005 - 9:51am

Here is the recap from CBS.


In a play of pure Machiavellian cunning, master strategist "King" Kaysar delivers a crushing blow to the Cappy club. After nominating house favorites Maggie and James, Kaysar orchestrates a classic "bait and switch" to lure big-fish Eric into a checkmate that leaves the house awestruck. Bobby Fisher never played it this well! James wins the PoV with the aid of his conspirators, cornering Mags and teammate Ivette in a stacked game of chess. James removes himself and is replaced by Eric.

The nomination ceremony leaves the house reeling. "He came right out of left field with this one." Eric says shaking his head. "Kaysar set me up perfectly" James admits, acknowledging the intelligent nature of the move. Maggie takes it more personally as she tries to find a reason for his decision. Kaysar feels torn by James' nomination as he considers him a friend, but as Eric puts it, "Relax; it's just a game." Easy for him to say; he isn't the one on the block. Maggie and Eric try and strategize as James pays Kaysar a visit. James reiterates Eric's influence in the house and offers his alliance in exchange for replacing him on the block with Eric. James is ready to defect to save himself.

The first clue leading to the combination of the Gold Room's safe is uncovered on the back of some new table coasters. Following the clues to a riddle about the number of seas on the map upstairs leads the HouseGuests to count the seas on the world map. Problem is none of them can agree on the exact number: their answers range from two to fourteen. The correct answer is seventeen, people.

Janelle's opinion of everyone in the house is summed up nicely as "followers and liars." Yet, in one crowded hour, the dominoes cascade in a torrent of exposed lies, discovered deceptions and true confessions. We see the condensed version as James and Sarah divulge their real-life relationship to Kaysar's tight troops. Gaining big in the trust department, James and Sarah's pledges are immediately expedited to full membership. Next to be steamrolled are Rachel and Howie. Rachel's surprised expression speaks volumes when Kaysar reveals his plans. " Whew, wow, King Kaysar has called us out," she remarks.

Kaysar lays it on the line, "What's going to happen is this: it's going to be you and Howie, me and Janelle, James and Sarah. The final six, may the best couple win." The scope and daring of Kaysar's design is awesome. Howie is the next in the room, and as Kaysar reveals his scheme, Howie seems more disappointed to know Sarah has a boyfriend than to discover that his secret alliance has been exposed. Kaysar explains his Bait & Switch Sting: "I am about to execute what I have been planning for the past two and a half weeks."

The six allies will help James win the Power of Veto to remove himself from nomination and allow Kaysar to elevate Eric to the block. This means they have five votes in their favor, enough to win the eviction. "You've got the Jedi Council going full throttle against the Sith Lords right now," Darth Howie observes.


We all know Mags as the quiet, non-threatening one secretly calling the shots from behind her not-so-secret ally Eric. A cuter, benevolent Karl Rove type, Maggie visits Kaysar in the HoH room to get the skinny on her nomination. "I did deceive her," Kaysar reveals. "I can't give away what I am about to do." Citing his desire to rid the house of James, he tells her she's the fox meant to throw the hounds off the scent of the true target. "I don't believe in pawns, yet I am being told that maybe I am one," Maggie complains, while her sixth sense tells her something is afoot. Kaysar provides some ground for concern with a carefully measured admission. "Maggie, whatever happens in this game,…it's nothing personal. I have nothing against you" Dum-dum-da-dum.

The Veto Competition is called. Kaysar chooses Howie, Maggie picks Ivette and James teams controversial player Janelle. Eric has a really bad feeling as soon as James picks his partner, realizing the defection of his former lieutenant. "Knight Moves" treats the players like knight chess pieces, which can move in an "L" shape in any direction on the board. The point of the game is not to get stuck without a move. The winner is determined when all the other players have run out of moves. Kaysar, Howie, Janelle and James work to block Maggie's and Ivette's options and succeed. Their strategy is not subtle, and Maggie starts to realize the depth of their betrayal. "I absolutely was mortified," she later recalls. Kaysar throws the game, and James win the PoV. "It gives me the chills, as things are working out great," Kaysar smiles in the Diary Room. James' opinion is more righteous: "The house knew at that moment that they tried to screw over the wrong person."

In the scene of the season, Maggie calls out Kaysar for his deception. But she doesn't realize the depth of his machinations.

"I didn't expect to be the target of your game this early on."

"You're not the target" He assures her stoically.

"Kaysar, you sealed my fate."

"No," he delivers with an icy stare, "I sealed your partner's fate. I caught the bigger fish" You can hear a pin drop at this moment.

Amazing, amazing, amazing," Mags whispers, shaking her head as she walks away.

"Not everything is as it seems" Kaysar reminds her.

Eric smells something rotten in Denmark and asks Kaysar outright if he intends to put him on the block. Looking Eric in the eye, Kaysar tells him he is putting him up. Kaysar explains that he's nominating Eric because of his dirty game-play and nasty behavior. Arguments erupt between Eric and James, Eric snatching back his baseball cap from James' head and letting fly with everyone's secrets. Too late, Eric, everyone already knows!

Sensing her reign is coming to an end, Ivette weeps, "You guys have no idea how destroyed I am." Even Eric has to call her on her dramatics," Come on Ivette, lighten up a little bit."

Awash with confidence, James calls the Veto Ceremony. Maggie gets a chance to plead her case for salvation, but doesn't. James stands, invoking the PoV to remove himself from the block. Kaysar then nominates Eric to take his place. Eric rises from his chair and takes his seat next to Mags. "Maggie and Eric thought they were untouchable," Kaysar confides in the Diary Room, but they underestimated the new HoH and his powers of persuasion and play.

Kaysar currently has the votes to make Eric's eviction a mere formality, but anything can happen in the four days between now and the Vote! Will this be the greatest coup of the season? Watch for the stunning outcome on the next episode of BIG BROTHER 6, LIVE on THURSDAY, July 28, at 8pm ET/PT, only on CBS.

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