Here's a recap of Tues Amazing Race epi

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Here's a recap of Tues Amazing Race epi
Sat, 11-20-2004 - 7:47pm

We begin this season with the skyline of Chicago. Our host, Phil Keoghan, tells us that 11 teams are preparing for a race around the world. There are speedboats coming across Lake Michigan with each of the teams, who we are quickly introduced to.

First, there is Kris & Jon, who have been dating long distance now for a little over a year. They want to figure things out and see where they should go from here. Lena & Kristy are Mormon sisters from Utah. Kristy says she has always followed the Mormon faith, while Lena broke away from the path. Lori & Bolo are professional wrestlers. Lori says that she’s a bitch and Bolo is the intimidator. Both feel that they will be the “bad guys” of the race, and are comfortable with that role. Don & Mary Jean are grandparents. Mary Jean says people look at them and think they are too old for this, and Don says that they should worry about keeping up with THEM! That’s the spirit!

Avi & Joe are best friends that now live a ways apart. Joe has a big heart, and although Avi says he doesn’t have the biggest heart, they are great guys. Hayden & Aaron are dating actors. Hayden says that Aaron is the love of her. Gus & Hera are our resident father/daughter team. Gus admits that they butt heads, but he’ll still have the final word in all the choices they make. Hera says that she’ll influence those decisions. Jonathan & Victoria are married entrepreneurs. Jon says that he’s a dictator, and that he’ll make Victoria realize that his decisions are what’s right. Victoria just says that she’s going to do her best to stay out of Jon’s way. I’m feeling the tension already.

Freddy & Kendra are engaged models. Freddy admits that being 10 years older than Kendra, he’s had more adventures and is ready to start a family. Kendra doesn’t think she is ready for that. Meredith & Maria are best friends and roommates from NYC. Both think they are funny, friendly, and charming girls, which will make people like them. I agree. They are my only Sentimental Favorite team right from the beginning. Adam & Rebecca are ex-lovers. They want to find a spark between them once again. Rebecca says they stopped dating in the first place because there was a lack of communication.

Which of these teams will stand up to the stress? Which will win the million dollars? Well, the teams are lined up and Phil tells them that they will have to complete tasks along the way. At the start of each leg, the teams will receive a small amount of cash, since they will be responsible for buying everything for themselves except plane tickets. At the end of each leg, there is a Pit Stop. Eight of these 13 Pit Stops will be an elimination point. Their first clue is on their bags, located about 100 yards away. The first team to cross the finish line at the end will win the money – and off they go!

Everyone scrambles to their bags and opens their clues. They are told to fly to Iceland, but there are only three flights they can board, and seats on each flight are limited. Bolo isn’t really concerned with the directions, as he “blah blah blah’s” them. Each team receives $175 for this leg of the race. The teams run through Chicago looking for the train to the airport. Freddy & Kendra look for the train, while others begin to stick together. Bolo is already hurting from all the running. Glad to see he’s so in shape.

Adam & Rebecca are the first to find the train, while Jon & Victoria are wandering through the streets. Jon says that people take his intensity as meanness, but he is just showing passion. I can already tell he’s going to be an obnoxious jerk. With Colin, it was different – I liked him. Jon is already on my bad side. They do find the train, as do Freddy & Kendra. Some of the other teams arrive and catch the same train as well, including Kris & Jon, Hayden & Aaron, Avi & Joe, Gus & Hera, and Lori & Bolo. Shortly after their train leaves, Meredith & Maria and Don & MJ find the train as well. Their train pulls up, and out of nowhere comes Lena & Kristy, who make the train as well.

On the first train, one of the girls tells Adam they are calling him Hellboy because of the horn-like pigtails at the front of his hair. Adam says he’s just weird, and the hair goes to show that. He doesn’t care what people think about him because he’s always been that way. On the other side of the train, an alliance is already forming. Avi & Joe, Hayden & Aaron, and Gus & Hera all decide to stay together until the end. Gus thinks they can do it, and all decide to aim for elimination Jon & Victoria as soon as possible, since they all think Jon is nuts. I already agree. Kris & Jon are borrowing the phones of people on the train to find out about the three flights. Everyone catches on and does the same thing. Jon is still freaking out on the train because of his excitement. I’m so over him already.

At O’Hare International airport, there are three flights the teams can take. Two are on American Airlines, and the other is on United. All make connections, but should arrive in Iceland within five minutes of each other. The first train has now unloaded at the airport. Freddy & Kendra say they have done a lot of traveling and know about airports, which should be an advantage. That’s when Freddy messes up and finds an airline that only flies to Canada. Jon & Victoria begin to fight. Again. Meredith & Maria, along with Don & MJ, try to figure out what would be their best option. Lena & Kristy are right behind them. Freddy & Kendra get to United, while Lori & Bolo find the AA flight. The teams that are in the alliance now get to AA as well.

Don & MJ, along with Meredith & Maria and Lena & Kristy, get to the airport as well. Adam and Rebecca seem to be pulling up the rear. Jon talks a little to Bolo, saying that together, they are superheroes. Bolo looks perplexed. So Kris & Jon, Lori & Bolo, Jon & Victoria, and somehow Adam & Rebecca are on the United flight, which leaves first. Gus & Hera, Avi & Joe, and Hayden & Aaron get on the American flight with the layover in Michigan, while Freddy & Kendra, Don & MJ, Maria & Meredith, and Lena & Kristy are on the American flight that has the layover in Baltimore.

We see all three flights leave, but it turns out that weather conditions will mess with the way they arrive. The flight through Michigan that was supposed to be second is now leaving third. There is a 45 minute delay. However, the teams have faith that it won’t have an effect on their arrival times. Because of the layover, they shouldn’t miss the connecting flight. They board and leave, just like the other teams. All teams are now on their way to Iceland. Once there, they must find a marked car and read the clue inside which will take them to their next route markers. But which team will arrive first?

The teams that traveled through Baltimore are the first to arrive. They find their cars and have to drive 130 miles to the Seljalanddfloss Waterfall for their next clue. All the teams navigate and head for the waterfall, but have issues since it’s so foggy out. The second flight to arrive is the one that went through Minnesota, with the one that went through Boston not far behind them. All the teams scurry to find their cars. Hayden & Aaron are in fifth place at this point and are very calm. Jon & Victoria are next, and are fighting. Again. Lori & Bolo are seventh at this point and are getting help from the locals. Coming up next are Adam & Rebecca, and while Rebecca is trying to take in the scenery, Adam gets frustrated. Gus & Hera are lagging behind the others in tenth place right now, while Avi & Joe are last. Avi says that Joe is more creative, while he is more linear. Both can’t believe that the “New York Jews are in Iceland.”

Lena & Kristy feel there is no way they can screw up at this point. Don & MJ are asking for directions from people and think that everyone is acting crazy and is drunk. Jon & Victoria are fighting. Again. Victoria can’t take his whining, and he continues to yell at her. Okay, this team has definite issues. Gus & Hera pass Lori & Bolo, and when Hera honks the horn, Gus gets mad. Avi & Joe pass the wrestlers too. Aaron tells Gus that they found the waterfall, so Gus & Hera just follow. Hayden doesn’t like the idea of having an alliance because then she has to worry about other teams. I agree – and she’s very right. Kris & Jon aren’t sure what’s going on at this point, but I know one thing – I like this team!

Adam & Rebecca begin to fight. They sure did pick some teams that get along this season, huh? Freddy & Kendra see a waterfall and have Lena & Kristy following them. They think it’s the wrong one and pass it. They come up to another waterfall and find it’s the wrong one. At this point, Lena & Kristy are mad they followed. Well, that’s what you get! Meredith and Maria are now followed by Avi & Joe. At the correct waterfall, Hayden & Aaron and Gus & Hera arrive. Avi & Joe turn into the correct waterfall as well, but use the fog to not let Meredith & Maria know they turned, making the girls continue on. Lori & Bolo arrive at the correct waterfall as well.

Gus is having issues climbing up the hill, as is Bolo. Hayden & Aaron get there first, with Avi & Joe close behind. Both teams run back to their cars, and read their clue, which tells them to get to the largest glacier in Europe, Vatanjokill. Once there, they must sign up for a glacier shuttle, where they will find their next clue on the edge of the glacier. Aaron says that Hayden can be a bitch at times and won’t let him slack off, which is good. Meredith & Maria finally decide to turn around. Thank goodness! Gus & Hera are now in second because they drove fast, with Lori & Bolo in third. Avi & Joe dropped back to fourth and refuse to pull over for directions. As Maria & Meredith pass the first four teams coming from the waterfall, Aaron signals to them that they are going the wrong way and for them to follow him. The girls do turn around and follow, thinking that Aaron is trying to help. Grrr, secret hatred for Aaron!

Adam & Rebecca are followed by Kris & Jon, who decide to pass them. Adam is shocked. He wants to ram them and bump them for passing him. Both teams get to the glacier, retrieve their clues and head for the cars. Freddy & Kendra arrive at their next, followed by Lena and Kristy. They get their clues and are in seventh and eight places. Jon & Victoria get there next, fighting as usual, and get their clue. Jon feels like they are already lost, while Don & MJ really are lost! Hayden & Aaron are still going, but are scared that someone will pass them. Indeed someone does. Lori & Bolo start passing teams, as do Kris & Jon. Gus tells Hera not to pass anyone and to continue at their normal pace. What a wuss.

Don & MJ finally get to the waterfall, and decide to walk up the hill so they don’t sprain their ankles. They think they are last when they get their clue. Adam & Rebecca basically tell Meredith & Maria they have been duped and are going the wrong way. The girls know they are far behind now, and head back in the other direction. Lena & Kristy pass Kris & Jon, laughing the whole way. Hayden & Aaron get to the shuttle first, followed by Lori & Bolo, Lena & Kristy, and Kris & Jon. All the teams except Kris & Jon make the first shuttle, with Jon & Kris getting on the second shuttle with Avi & Joe and Adam & Rebecca.

Jon & Victoria are fighting. Again. They finally pull over and she yells at Jon saying she’s ready for a divorce. This is NOT a healthy marriage. The first shuttle gets to the glacier, while Gus & Hera and Freddy & Kendra finally see the glacier. Don & MJ still have no clue where they are. The second shuttle is now off, and we see Jon & Victoria sign up for the third shuttle, as do Gus & Hera and Freddy & Kendra. The first shuttle gets to the destination and they get their clues. They are to take a snowmobile to a camp where they will spend the night, and have to search for times to depart tomorrow. The times are 10, 10:30, 11 and 11:30. Whichever time they take off the tent is the time they have to take. Lena isn’t happy about this because she doesn’t like to rough it.

The three teams head for the camp while the second shuttle is now on the glacier. The third shuttle leaves while Don & MJ sign up for the fourth shuttle. Meredith and Maria are finally at the waterfall. They get their clue and head for the glacier, happy that they already know how to get there. The first team now arrives at the camp and looks for times. Hayden & Aaron and Lori & Bolo are the only teams that get the 10:00 shuttle, while the sisters have to settle for the 10:30.

The second shuttle teams get on the snowmobiles and head for the camp. Kris & Jon are the first ones out, with Avi & Joe right behind. Adam & Rebecca are bringing up the rear. The third shuttle is on the glacier and arrives at the snowmobiles. Jon & Victoria are ready quickly and head out, with Freddy & Kendra behind them. Hera & Gus are the last of this group to head out. Don & MJ get on their shuttle by themselves, while Maria & Meredith finally arrive and board the fifth shuttle.

Kris & Jon get to the camp and take the 10:30 shuttle. Avi & Joe get the same thing, while Adam & Rebecca have to take the 11:00. Jon & Victoria arrive with Freddy & Kendra. Both have to take the 11:00, while Gus & Hera have to take the 11:30 and fall off their snowmobile in the process. Don & MJ get there and have to take the 11:30 as well. Lori & Bolo have a wrestling match on the glacier, and Jon says that they scare him to death. Oddly enough, Lori wins the match. I’m actually not surprised. When Meredith & Maria finally arrive, the other teams clap. They have to take the 11:30 shuttle as well. For some reason, Jon & Victoria are fighting. Again. Jon tells her to calm down, and she tells the camera she’s not used to his being so intense. Jon then questions why she is his partner for the race, and she just wants to change her name so he can stop calling her.

It’s morning! The teams wake up and get ready for their shuttles. Victoria says she’s going to try and put up with Jon. Don & MJ love the scenery, and Gus wakes up and starts bathing in the snow – shirtless. It’s not an attractive sight. The first shuttle leaves and the teams get their clue at the bottom of the glacier in a car. It tells them to drive 20 miles to the Glacier Ice Beach. They head out, and Hayden & Aaron get pissed that Lori & Bolo are following them again since they don’t have a map. They try not to worry about it, while Lori says their team is going to fight. The 10:30 shuttle leaves next, and those teams get their clues as well and head out. After them, the 11:00 shuttle leaves, and Jon & Victoria are fighting. Again.

At Glacier Beach, the first two teams get to the clue box. It’s a Detour. A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. The teams’ choices are Ice Climb or Ice Search. In Climb, teams must travel 35 miles, suit up in gear and trek across a glacier and climb an ice wall. If teams have the guts to do it, they can finish it fast. In Search, teams must travel to a nearby lagoon and search for a buoy with their clue on it. This could take a long time since the lagoon is seven square miles, but there is nothing scary about it. Both of the first teams go for climb. The third shuttle is now at the bottom of the glacier, and the teams head for Glacier Beach. Jon & Victoria are fighting. Again. Jon passes everyone and tells Victoria to run when they get to Glacier Beach – like she was going to stroll. At this point, the last three teams head down the glacier.

Lena & Kristy get to the Detour and choose Climb. Kristy is scared, but Lena talks her into it. Avi & Joe get there next, along with Kris & Jon. Kris & Jon opt for Climb, while Avi & Joe think Search will be easier. They get in a boat at the lagoon and head out. Hayden & Aaron and the wrestlers at this point are at the ice wall. They both get suited up and begin the climb. Avi & Joe continue to look for their clue, while the other two teams climb. Lori & Hayden go first for their teams and make it up the wall the same time. Bolo & Aaron go next, and Bolo gets up the wall first. Aaron isn’t very far behind, and both teams head for the clue box, and read the next clue. It tells them to drive to the first Pit Stop at the Blue Lagoon. The last team there will be eliminated. On the way back to the car, Hayden rants about how big Lori’s mouth is – and once again, I agree. Both teams head for the Pit Stop.

Avi & Joe are still looking for the buoy while Freddy & Kendra, Adam & Rebecca, and Jon & Victoria all get to the clue box. Jon & Victoria go for Search, while the other two teams do Climb. The fourth shuttle arrives and the teams head for Glacier Beach. Jon & Victoria get to the boats and Jon asks the drivers “Who has face?” I have no clue what that means. They finally pick a driver and board their raft. Jon screams and rants the whole time, and they begin to fight. Again. Even the driver tells Jon to calm down. Lori & Bolo are now asking for directions, while Hayden & Aaron pass them. This causes a huge fight, and Lori begins to explode.

Lena & Kristy are now suited up and begin their club. Kris & Jon get there too and get suited up. Kristy gets to the top first, but has some issues in the beginning. Lena follows as Kris & Jon begin. Both teams finish at about the same time, get their next clue and head for the Pit Stop. The last three teams get to Glacier beach and while Don & MJ and Meredith & Maria go for Climb, Gus & Hera decide that Search is better. It can’t be that great though, since Avi & Joe are still looking. They think they see the buoy at one point, but it’s just a boat. Jon & Victoria are cruising around and find the buoy fast. Crap! They head for the pit stop as well, and their driver thinks they are crazy. I do too – but just Jon. Hayden & Aaron say they like Bolo, but Lori is annoying, and she is. Lori & Bolo stop and get more directions, argue, and continue on their way.

Lena & Kristy are in third at this point, with Jon & Kris in fourth. Freddy & Kendra are talking crap about Adam & Rebecca as Adam says they like Freddy & Kendra because they seem genuine. If you only knew. Both teams get to the wall and attack it at the same time. Both teams do the task rather quickly and head to the Pit Stop. Jon & Victoria are still on their way to the Pit Stop and are fighting. Again. Gus & Hera are now on the search boat as well. Avi & Joe are still looking, while Meredith and Maria finally get to the ice wall and suit up. Lena & Kristy contemplate another way to the Pit Stop, while Kris & Jon aren’t sure if they should follow or not. Jon & Victoria ask for directions and aren’t far at all. Avi & Joe finally find the buoy and head for the Pit Stop. The problem is that Gus & Hera found it too! They head for the Pit Stop as well! Don & MJ get to the ice climb and suit up. I admire their courage!

Lori & Bolo do more fighting, and he calls her a redneck. I don’t get all this fighting and name-calling on the first leg. They think they are last. Are you serious? They were on the first shuttle off the glacier, how could they be in last? Lena & Kristy are on the right road, and Kris & Jon are right behind them. Avi & Joe go for the smaller roads because it’s a more direct route. Gus & Hera are on the road and think they are last as well.

At the Pit Stop, Hayden & Aaron are the first to arrive and find they are team number one. They are shocked and couldn’t be happier. They also won a trip to Hawaii! Both hug Phil, and Phil doesn’t seem to mind. Hayden says that this first place finish brought them closer. Meredith & Maria are finally climbing the ice wall, as are Don & MJ. MJ is actually flying up the wall for her age! Don finishes as well and says he would rather use the ice in a martini. Both of these teams finish the wall and head for the Pit Stop. All the teams are now headed there. Here’s where it gets exciting!

Lena & Kristy and Jon & Kris all get to the Pit Stop. Jon & Kris get there first because Lena & Kristy run the wrong way. Jon & Kris are team number two and Lena & Kristy are team number three. They are shocked. Freddy & Kendra are nervous, while Adam & Rebecca have to stop for gas. They need diesel fuel and Rebecca gets regular gasoline. The guy in the station comes out and looks. Adam freaks out, and they have to empty the gas tank, which they are told could take some time. Of course, Adam & Rebecca think they are in last. Some guy does come out and drains the tank by sucking it out. Freddy & Kendra check in as team number four. Jon & Victoria finally get to the Pit Stop, as do Lori & Bolo. Jon & Victoria are team number five, and Jon starts ranting like a lunatic. This guy is a Grade-A ass, and this is coming from the guy who actually LIKED Colin from last season! Lori & Bolo are team number six, and Lori starts yelling at Bolo on the mat! Bolo tells the camera that yelling is their way of communication, but they still love each other. That’s NOT a healthy way to communicate

Adam & Rebecca are now back on the road, while Gus & Hera have no idea what place they are in, but think they are in Last. Avi & Joe drive on, confident they are safe. Meredith & Maria are being followed by Don & MJ. Adam & Rebecca come out of nowhere and pass Don & MJ, as well as Meredith and Maria. MJ says that they can outrun anyone for a million dollars. Gus & Hera actually arrive at the Blue Lagoon, but at the wrong entrance. They see something at the hill and head there. When Avi & Joe arrive, they see Gus & Hera and ask what’s going on. Gus tells them that they are in the wrong place, and to follow them. Instead of following, they go in where Gus & Hera just were to check it out. Avi says they don’t trust Gus and look around. They see something on the hill as well.

Adam & Rebecca and Meredith & Maria both get to the Pit Stop and race for the mat. Adam & Rebecca get there first, and are team number seven. Meredith & Maria are team number eight. What a rebound for them! Don & MJ get to the mat next and find they are team number nine and couldn’t be any happier. Gus & Hera and Avi & Joe are both looking for the Pit Stop. We see a team running, and the tenth team is – Gus & Hera! They thought they were last, and will live with that. Avi & Joe finally arrive at the Pit Stop and find they are the last team to arrive and are eliminated. Avi is shocked and didn’t think it would happen. They hug, and both say they had fun. Joe says they know they can do anything now and will cherish the experience.