I am so happy SPOILER

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I am so happy SPOILER
Wed, 03-08-2006 - 12:48am
I love how the game is shaping up. I am so glad that the Amazon queens got eliminated. They drove me crazy with their screaming and negativity. I loved how Fran tried to cheer up Dani. That was so sweet of her. Their faces at the pit stop was priceless. They thought they were last and were suprised that they weren't. Good show tonight!!!
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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 9:42am

I love it when a team thinks their last and then finds out they're not. I just love the constant shock of the game. Makes me think of Team Guido when they had the FF and they then hung out in a hotel for awhile before going to the pit stop and then thinking they were first, found out they were last. LOL

Lake is a piece of work and I hope they're gone soon. WHAT is on their neck? I saw it on his the first night but she has one too. Is it a patch of some sort?

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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 9:50am

They both have one???



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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 10:43am

I'm tired of the frat boys constantly talking about "getting some", "getting into their pants", "sex on the race". For the love of all that's good, I don't care to hear it for the entire hour. It's tiring and I want them gone.

I can't stand Lake. He's a dentist? I would HATE to be HIS patient! That man is incredibly rude. I can't wait til they go. Buh bye

I'm glad the sisters are gone. I couldn't handle another minute of their screaming and the one sister's negativity was making ME depressed! ;0)

I like the hippies. They take everything in stride. Teams like that make watching the race enjoyable - remember Chris and....what was her boyfriend's name from a few seasons ago? They enjoyed themselves immensely on the race.

Fran and Barry's faces were priceless! They swore they were last....had come to terms with being eliminated (weren't happy, but had come to terms with it) and then they find out they're NOT last! Fran's one tough cookie.

I'm pretty neutral on everyone else.

I'm enjoying the "old" race format being back!

Brandee ~

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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 10:57am
ITA about the boys.



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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 10:58am

Yep--I think this season is already great!
I agree that the two fratsters going on and on about women has gotten old very quickly.
I'm thrilled that the Texas sisters went home. The two most annoying teams are gone first thing--which is great!
I like the hippies and the geeks right now, but I'm not sure why yet;)
The challenges have all been strong so far.

BTW, I think those patches on the necks of those two contestants (the dentist, perhaps?) are motion sickness patches (good for car rides, boats and bumpy airplane rides...).

Looking forward to next week! Russia should be fun!


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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 10:58am

I agree about the frat boys. Enough already.

I think that Lake and Michelle have either a stop smoking patch on there necks or something for motion sickness.

I didn't think I would like the hippies, but they are really growing on me.


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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 2:37pm

I agree with everything all of you have written.

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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 9:46pm

My fav teams right now...

Old Folk

Like the Mom/Daughter combo, but not as a fav.

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Sat, 03-11-2006 - 3:54pm
I agree about the sisters, they were a little annoying.


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