I can't wait! One week til it starts!

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I can't wait! One week til it starts!
Tue, 11-09-2004 - 7:32am
I don't think I've seen the first show from the beginning of the Race so I don't know how they start. I've caught the first show before, but near the end of the show.

Do you know anyone playing this time? Did you apply? Who are you rooting for early on? Where do you think they'll go first? Know any place they might visit based on the promos?

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Thu, 11-11-2004 - 10:57am
I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to start. I don't like that they have a lot of models/pro wrestlers this year. I don't like people doing this to help their career. Do it for the challenge, the fun, or the love of the race. Not to boost yourself--'cause we don't like you! :)

As for faves, I'm not sure. I like the father/daughter team and I always like the older team, but they don't always get far. Except that one year with the cranky man and his nice wife. I didn't like him, though. DH wants to go on this, but he has to build up enough vacation time so we won't go poor. I don't think they pay this until after it has aired or at least until the race is over.

Yeah! Less than one week to go....