I did not know BB was on an hour earlier

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I did not know BB was on an hour earlier
Wed, 09-03-2003 - 10:01pm
tonight and I missed it!!!!!!!!!! I had been looking forward to it, too! What happened?!? Did Ali use POV to take herself off? What did Jee say when he was booted (I tuned in at 8 as they were signing off and noticed he was gone)? How did Robert win HOH? Someone fill me in, please. I can't believe I missed it!
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Thu, 09-04-2003 - 8:42am
I'm sorry, I should have posted abt the time change.

I'm so used to checking the times each week because where I live it's pre-empted at least half the time.

Live show was typical Wed. Allie used POV. Jun put Rob up. Erika & Allie voted to evict Jee.

Had Q&A for HOH comp, things that the evicted HG's said. Erika was in the lead, Rob answered the last ?? correctly & they tied. Tiebreaker - how many hours have the HG's spent in the house. Erika added, Rob just wrote down a #. Erika was over by *4* hours, Rob was way way under. Rob won.

They showed jury house. Dana & Justin "get their cardio" in their words..... I think you can figure that out!!

Jack digs the jury house.

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Thu, 09-04-2003 - 7:02pm
I missed it too! Imagine my surprise when I turned on the tv when it was just ending! Melissa