I had flash backs...

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I had flash backs...
Sat, 11-20-2004 - 12:07pm

from the last Amazing Race. Too many teams to remember who it was but at the ice climb all I heard was "Come on Baby!" "You can do it Baby" and "Your doing good Baby" in the same female voice that Christy used with Colin last year. I almost thought they were on again it sounded just like her!! I cann't imagine calling my husband "Baby" when I want him to do something tough and physical. If I hear "Baby" one more time I will scream!!!

Otherwise I enjoyed the show. I was hoping for the two that came in last. Not for any real reason, just that I felt I could relate to them more than some of the others. As for the girl that put gas in instead of deisle she asked him and he said "gas I guess" (I had it on tape and I checked if thats what he said) so thats what she put in. Then she told him she was sorry. Whats up with that, it was as much his fault as hers.

Next week should be better as we get to know the teams