I have a AI question

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I have a AI question
Thu, 02-10-2011 - 1:27pm
In the "Opening" part of the show..... In the past they always showed the "winners" and always show the last season winner being crowned. This year they have "Adam Lambert" pics...I can't belevie it! Im sorry but Adam didn't win! he was 2nd place. He might be going places but he didnt' win. so why are they showing his pic but yet last year's winner they don't show?? They have his pic in there with all the winners...he didn't win! guess I don't get it! Am I the only one that notice this or did ya??

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Thu, 02-10-2011 - 3:15pm

I didn't notice, but it does seem weird! Was he the only second place winner they showed? I'll have to make a special effort to watch the opening next time.