It seems no one on the "Race" loves Rob

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It seems no one on the "Race" loves Rob
Fri, 04-29-2005 - 9:49am

and Amber:

'Amazing' Racers Have No Love for Romber
Apr 25, 3:09 PM EST

This time, they can't blame the editing. Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich are racing to the altar in their pre-taped televised wedding next month, but their "Amazing Race" cast mates have no love for Romber.

"None of the other teams liked them," recently eliminated Lynn Warren told The Associated Press recently.

Added his boyfriend and teammate Alex Ali: "We were just more vocal about it. Amber and Rob had a bad attitude. They were terrible."

Romber, as many have dubbed the terrible twosome, have become the most hated team on CBS' seventh edition of "The Amazing Race." The pair of former "Survivor" contestants — Brkich was sneaky in "The Australian Outback," Mariano was rambunctious in "Marquesas" — met during "Survivor: All-Stars," which Brkich eventually won, and were engaged on the live finale.

"We actually didn't know who they were when we started the race," said Ali of the crossover couple. "I never watch `Survivor.' We thought Rob was cute. He has a nice butt. Then, when he tried to pull one over on us, I was like, that guy's a jerk."

Ali is referring to "Boston Rob" Mariano's sly second-leg strategy in Peru that involved bribing a bus station security guard to withhold information from most of the racers. Later on the bus, Mariano paid the driver to only open the front door, delaying teams in the back of the bus.

"It's not like we were sitting at home watching Rob and Amber," said Warren. "We were in a race with them. We know them as people, and they really are truly sucky. They're no Trista and Ryan, that's for sure."

Romber gave no attention to Greg and Brian Smith, the sixth team eliminated, when the brothers accidentally flipped their vehicle in Africa, although every other team stopped to see if the Smiths and their camera crew were unharmed.

"It kind of showed how they were when they drove past us and didn't even roll down the window to see if we were OK," said Brian. "It looked like a bomb had hit our car."

"We're friends with every other team except them," said Greg.

We didn't really get to know them."

Romber's "Race" behavior has extended beyond bribes and brush-offs. During the third leg, Rob persuaded two teams to forfeit a Road Block eating challenge in Argentina, a fact that baffled even host Phil Keoghan. Ray Housteau and Deana Shane were one of the two teams who agreed to stall. They insist they were using the other teams' red hot Romber hatred against them.

"Those teams were preoccupied with that," said Housteau.

"Right, the teams were always like, 'Where's Rob and Amber? Where's Rob and Amber?'" said Shane. "Well, we thought, let's use this. They're more worried about where Rob and Amber are."

It didn't work. Shane and Housteau were eliminated in the fifth episode.

Despite animosity from teams that went bye-bye, Romber have done well in the race. They've come in first place three times — more than any team this season. However, in the last episode, Romber fell to third place with only gung-ho retired couple Gretchen and Meredith Smith now behind them. Uchenna and Joyce Agu, who shaved her head as part of a Fast Forward challenge last week, are currently in first. All-American couple Ron Young and Kelly McCorkle are in second.

This season's winning team will cross the finish line during the two-hour finale May 10. Romber will stand at the altar during CBS' "Rob and Amber Get Married" on May 24, but Warren and Ali won't be in attendance.

"I'm still waiting for my invitation," said Warren.

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Oh, that's so unusual that Lynn and Alex are STILL talking about Rob and Amber well after the race is over...that so consumed them during the race and bit them in the butt eventually. While Rob will do anything to win, he's very sly when he does it, he doesn't break any rules and I've seen other teams do worse. I notice in the article that only one other team is quoted and that's the other brothers but during the taping of the show even they said that they understood why R&A kept on driving...

Lynn and Alex need to get over themselves, that's the big reason I didn't like them during the show and I also didn't like the mother/son team because of their obsession with Rob and Amber.

I did find it hysterical that Rob bit himself in the butt last week with his "suggestion" to Gretchen about the flight. I just find them amusing...


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That's too funny. If Lynn & Alex didn't even know who they were until the second episode, why did they make the comment "Survive that!" when the race started back in LA and Lynn said he accidentally hit Amber when they started running? They've been obsessed with "Romber" from the very start.
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I'm guessing it wasn't that hard for L&A to figure out that R&A were on Survivor since Rob talked about it CONSTANTLY on the first episode and so, I'm guessing, prior to when filming started, too.

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I only agree with Lynn & Alex on one thing: "We thought Rob was cute. He has a nice butt." lol

I can't stand Lynn & Alex and they need to find something else to talk about! God, they remind me so much of a co-worker of mine that it drives me absolutely nuts!!!

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Oh man do Lynn and Alex need to find a new

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