japanese cartoon sexist?

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japanese cartoon sexist?
Sat, 05-04-2013 - 7:22pm

Hi guys

first time post

I'm quite fond of the series:  Mai otome

But i quite sincerely cannot tell if it is a blantant example of objectification or an example of girl power or sort of both.

On one hand: it has tight costumes, creepy scenes where the girls end up in lingerie for no good reason and it's anime and the japanese anime industry is generally the most sexist area on earth outside of arabia or somewhere.

On the other there are two male main characters out of a cast of hundreds and by sheer math we wind up with females in positions where they are almost never in any other work of fiction< brigadiers, nemisises, mercenaries, presidents,crooked businessmen rebel leaders, lab geeks, traitors(willing and unwilling), action heros

And where strong active female roles are rare in any work of fiction we have a world of action girls. Otome are kind of like a cross between knights and super heroes. Guys don't fight at all in this anime


i'd be glad of any opinions